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AT HOME | a blog by Joanna Gaines

Season 4 Wrap Up

April 26, 2017

As we wrap Season 4 of Fixer Upper, Chip and I want to say thank you for the continued support and encouragement. It was a season filled with laughs, tears, and lots of unique homes. We are also thankful for our clients- they remain the core of why we do what we do. Every home and family has a special story to tell and we love having the opportunity to serve them.


Repurposing a piece from the past is always going to be one of my favorite aspects of design. I love mixing old with new, and that will never change. Here are a few of my favorite antique finds from season 4.



Here are some of my favorite unique features from season 4. From double sided fireplaces to scalloped walls, we had fun adding unexpected character into every home.


We love shiplap, that’s no secret. This season I found myself wondering if we could push the envelope with it, so we added different styles that matched the personalities of our clients. Rather than sticking with the classic horizontal wide plank (which I still love) we also added vertical shiplap, SKINNYlap (a more narrow version), vertical skinnylap, shiplap on the ceiling and even shiplap painted black. Here are some of my favorite uses from this season.



Each client we work with has a different design style, way of living, and unique story. Part of the fun of designing for specific clients is customizing their home to work for their current season of life. Here are a few of my favorite custom projects we worked on this season.


The exterior is our client’s first impression of their new home, and this season we brought you some dramatic and fun reveals. The goal here is always to give the family a home that reflects their personal style. The initial exterior reveal is one of my favorite parts of the show, because the looks on our clients’ faces says it all!

So what’s next? We started filming the construction for Season 5 in December, so we are right in the middle of demo, design, and crazy reveals. We are also filming Fixer Upper: Behind the Design, which will air after each episode in season 5 to give you a little more design perspective. I love this, because we finally get to give y’all a glimpse of what happens beyond the camera!

Remember, you can check out my blog post on each and every house for even more details here. Comment below and let me know which project last season was your favorite! And stay tuned. More to come!






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  • Flavia
    12:14 pm, October 31, 2017
    You guys have no ideia of how much I love you guys, your stile,your family, your history, loved the Magnolia book and I’m really enjoying the Magnolia jornal and last but not list your show, it’s such an inspiration for me and my kids who also loves Chip and Joana and talks about it as we were very close and good friends. Keep it up and I will follow you were ever you go. Thanks for everything .
    3:21 pm, October 28, 2017
  • alyr
    7:39 pm, October 21, 2017
    OMG the Bufton doors. Hilarious every time I see the one on the left with the circle of mantle stain that Chip put on there showing you how it "matched" the door. Nobody sanded that off. LOL Scroll up and look.
  • Donna Abernathy
    12:15 pm, October 7, 2017
    Yes, Ellen Corley, I got caught on the face cream scam and it began on Facebook. My bank got my money back though. Did the same as you and saw the photo of Joanna & Chip. It was definitely a scam, my bank checked it out for me. When I contact the company they were not willing to give me back my money, so I contacted my bank and they took care of the problem.
  • Ellen Corley
    8:45 pm, October 1, 2017
    You seriously need Facebook control. I got caught in the "face cream" scam and it all began on Facebook. They got me for $89.95 + $4.95 SH. Someone needs to stop this from happening again. I had went to the bank for a different reason and accidentally saw where $89.95 was in transit for payment. I tried to stop it before "they" got my money, but I was to late. I immediately closed my account to keep this from happening again. You know, they took photos of you and your husband looking like you were giving an interview claiming this was your new ambition. It all was so real and I feel for. I don't normally order things by mail but I did thinking you were really the new name behind Secret Allure Facial Cream. Needless to say, I was scammed. I always watch your program and think it is really neat seeing you and your husband so uniquely working two different ends of a spectrum and balance a family. When I fell for the scam (unknowingly), I really thought about you being "burned out" on the show and the new "beauty" line being exactly what you needed. This scam person has really done damage to your name as well as your followers that got scammed. You really should do some ground control with this scam.
    • Ellen Corley
      8:53 pm, October 1, 2017
      You need "ground control" on your Facebook account. You are being hacked. Even through this "Magnolia" account, someone is overshadowing me ad I try to warn you.
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