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Plant Illustration Printable

May 17, 2017

All that talk of plants a few weeks ago got us feeling inspired! Download these free plant printables below! Each one was individually hand-painted and lettered by one of our very own amazing artists. You’ll even spot a few of the plants Joanna used in season 4.

This print comes in sizes 8 x 10 and 5 x 7, so keep that in mind if you decide to frame it. We suggest adding a 2 inch white mat board to add an extra layer to your frame.

DOWNLOAD the 5×7 files HERE
DOWNLOAD the 8×10 files HERE

To learn even more about Jo’s favorite plants from season four, check out her blog all about it here.

We would love to see where you hang your new print, so make sure to tag @magnolia when you post! Comment below if you downloaded, we’d love to hear which plant is your favorite.

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  • Stacy
    1:35 am, October 17, 2017
    Just wanted to say thank you for sharing your beautiful prints with all of us. They are strikingly simple and can be displayed just as fancy or as plain as we please. I do not have you or your artists talent so it is a fun gift from y’all to play around with But you do inspire me. I’ll probably be printing these out on some linen like scrapbook paper. All my kiddos are grown so I’m trying to find my “look.” Thanks for the help! I will greatly miss you, Chip and the little ones. Wishing you and all of your talented workers on the show every happiness! But I hope to get more inspiration in the future. The shows were a blast! Take a breather, you’ve earned it!
  • Linda
    1:08 pm, October 8, 2017
    Thank you for the beautiful plant prints, I will enjoy them for years to come. Thank you for the wonderful inspiration you brought into my home from your show. The sense of humor you and Chip share on the program is most enjoyable. I am going to miss the show. Come back when the kids have grown!!!
  • Michelle E Black
    7:46 pm, October 6, 2017
    I would have loved to have seen the name of "your very own designer" that did paint these. Perhaps a link to her Instagram in celebration of her artistry.
  • roxanne caldwll
    4:13 pm, September 27, 2017
    thank you for these beautiful plant prints. we will surely enjoy them.
  • Peggy Defazio
    6:54 pm, September 26, 2017
    Thank You for sharing, love your show....will miss watching you both, and of my favorite makeover shows
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