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Episode 16 - The Little Shack On The Prairie

March 31, 2017

The Matsumoto farmhouse is definitely the most dramatic transformation of season 4! We couldn’t believe it when the Matsumotos chose this old shack to be their home. The Matsumotos’ style is industrial farmhouse, so every detail of the home is a twist on traditional. I loved the way this unique spin on the classic farmhouse look took well-loved details like shiplap, concrete countertops and repurposed wood to a new level, and it perfectly fit the needs of this sweet family.

Objective: Combine these spaces into one open great room.

Objective: Create a relaxing retreat with enough room for the Matsumotos to spread out and relax.

Objective: Create a space that the Matsumotos’ daughter can grow into.  

Objective: Build a fun, interactive space the Matsumotos’ son can grow up loving.

Objective: Set aside an outdoor dining space the Matsumotos can gather and share meals.

Q. What was it like being on the other side of the camera?

A. Bizarre! Filming wasn’t too bad since my position with Fixer Upper has taught me a lot about how things work, but being the client was really weird for me. On a typical day I work as a co-worker with Chip and Jo, so it was really different being the client.

Q. How did your home balance design and functionality?

A. Perfectly, the best part is it’s fully functional and it’s beautiful. Things like the countertops and floors make it childproof.

Q. What advice would you give to families renovating their homes?

A. Don’t be afraid to be bold. I think the hardest thing for people to visualize are good bones or good elements to work with.

Q. Did you ever think you would be living in Crawford Texas?

 A. I’m from L.A., born and raised, so I never thought I’d have a house in Texas, but we love it because it’s such a small town. 

This was one of our biggest challenges to-date, but the challenge is what also made it one of the most fun projects we tackled in season 4. A huge thank you to the Matsumoto family who trusted us to let us transform their shack into a beautiful family home! We hope the Matsumotos are happy here for years to come!

Alright folks, that’s a wrap on season 4! This season had some of our most dramatic transformations to-date, and we loved getting to share each of these family’s stories through their spaces. We are currently in the middle of filming season 5…so stay tuned! There are big things still to come for Fixer Upper.



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  • Lynnette Robinson
    1:53 pm, April 24, 2017
    I loved this episode!! I too, was hoping to find more details on the concrete countertops with waterfall edge. The episode didn't show me enough. Chip mentioned that he was king of concrete countertops so I really wanted to find more information as we are wanting to do this.
  • Kimberly Swertfeger
    8:50 pm, April 23, 2017
    I'd like to know what color grey was used in the Matsumoto bedroom?
  • Teresa Letz
    7:56 pm, April 22, 2017
    I'd like to know how to do the concrete countertops with waterfall edge
  • P Leonard
    4:15 pm, April 22, 2017
    Am very curious to learn what product Chip used to create the "black out effect" on the Dutch front door. Thank you!
  • A. Gallagher
    10:18 am, April 22, 2017
    Can you tell me the brand of bed linens in the girls room in the Matsumoto house. I love the colors!
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