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Episode 13 - The Worm House

March 10, 2017

Jordan and Rachel, along with their three young kids, needed a home where they could spread out, but also where they could gather as a family. The house they chose was an undertaking, but the fact it was on land and had more than enough wide open space for their kids to play and grow made it a fun project to tackle. The Barker family loves the farmhouse style, and we decided to give it its own unique style by incorporating a European feeling as well.

Objective: Open up the floor plan and create a kitchen and living room.

Objective: Update and rework the fireplace to be the anchor of the family room.

Objective: A private office was at the top of the wish list for Jordan, who works from home.  

Objective: Bump out the master bedroom, and add a gable to the exterior. Update the bedroom and bathroom.

What made you decide to build your Fixer Upper out in the country as opposed to a home in the city of Waco?

We lived near downtown Waco for 9 years and loved it, but we always had the country in our hearts. We had been casually searching for some land for about a year, so when we saw this property we were excited to be able to pursue something outside of town.

How do you plan on using your land? 

Part of our reason for moving to the country was a desire to do homesteading of some kind. We love the idea of using produce from a garden or chickens to give back to the community. We have also played around with fun ideas like a pumpkin patch, flower fields, or a Christmas tree farm.

What was one of your favorite things about the renovation process?

One of my favorite things was the level of involvement. It’s nice to share your input and opinions about the design of the home, but then relinquish all of the details. There isn’t pressure to be focused on every little part, and we were able to trust the design would come out to reflect our style.

I love the way we were able to take a home that was so opposite of what this family needed, and made it a functional and beautiful family home for the Barkers! Chip and I hope they are happy here for years to come!


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  • Kristy S.
    10:09 am, September 17, 2017
    I have been looking for open bookcases like the ones in the living area. Where did you find those?
  • Priscilla Naile
    4:20 pm, September 12, 2017
    Love the show. Wish you could come to Hawaii and fixup my house, but you are right. Family is the most important. Wish you well with Target. Love Target and shop there all th time as it also has food. Everything in Hawaii is so expensive for those of us who are not wealthy and it is our home. Hope Waco doesn't end up like Kailua. Come visit befoe thsy completely ruin it. Make it into a LA. Thank you for all your wonderful shows. I and my husband love them. Never miss one and watch everyone many times...Wish you great success, Aloha
    • Judie
      11:31 am, September 13, 2017
      Priscilla, my daughter and I lived in Kailua Kona Big Island for 6 years. We were there when Target moved in. We loved it, but in the 6 years it was changing so much from when we moved there. I pray they can keep the true Aloha and Ohana vibe going and that city planners care about these two important things that we loved about Hawaii.
  • Gerry
    3:50 pm, September 12, 2017
    Hi, a Montreal, Canadian fan. I love everything you do.
  • Karen Stoernell
    9:04 pm, September 10, 2017
    Reading about Jo and new business. I ordered my sample because of her.
  • Wilfried Krämer
    11:27 am, August 30, 2017
    Do you get the furniture from a house stager, and he take the furniture gone away, after, when the new owner get in the house, or do you leave the furniture in the houe and the owner have to buy them?
    Many thanks for your answer.
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