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AT HOME | a blog by Joanna Gaines

Episode 12 - The Pocket Door House

March 3, 2017

The Phipps family was in the middle of a move back to Waco, Texas with their two young kids and needed a comfortable space to call home. Lauren loved the classic farmhouse style. With this in mind I designed an open concept space with a homey, cottage feel to it.

Between all of the white cabinetry, the medium wood accents and the pops of navy, this home was able to be transformed into a “modern farmhouse” with a twist. Elements such as the barn doors were on target with the farmhouse style, but then were given a unique and fresh take by using an interesting wood pattern.


Objective: The kitchen is the heart of this home, so we wanted to reposition it to become a place the family could gather around the oversized island.


Objective:  Open up the space and make it a great room rather than two separate closed off spaces.


Objective: The playroom should double as a guest room, but still have plenty of room for toys and kids to crawl around and play.

interview with


Q. How was your own personal style revealed in your home?

A. I would describe our style as traditional. Joanna really pushed us in our design meeting, and it was nice because things we would have never tried she put into our house. For example, she chose the navy on the island and mantel. When she first said that, I wasn’t so sure at first, but it turned out great.

Q. We love your kitchen! What was your favorite part about this space?

A. I absolutely love my kitchen. I live in it.  It’s so open and family oriented. When I’m cooking or cleaning I can see into the playroom and still interact with my kids and be a part of what’s going on. I especially love the large island in the kitchen. You would think that you could never use all of that space, but somehow it always fills up. We just had a bunch of people over for my husband’s 30th birthday, so all the the space definitely came in handy.

Q. What advice would you give to Fixer Upper families in the future?

A. Be open — especially in the design sense. The things you think you like can be challenged, but in a good way. Be patient because the final result is way better than you can imagine, and it’s well worth the wait.

We’re so excited to welcome the Phipps family to Waco! Chip and I hope this home is the perfect space for them to relax and begin planting their Waco roots. Welcome home, Phipps family! We hope you love this space for years to come.


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  • Stacy Rogers
    1:44 pm, November 21, 2017
    I'm wanting to move to Texas only for the simple fact that every place I see you do in just a little town it's beautiful I would love for you to do my house Joanna I own my home here not I'm not rich I'm poor my house is only worth 130 I think 2000 so whatever sells for I would have to buy there and see if you would fix it up and I would highly appreciate it I don't know how much you charge but with whatever money I get you guys pick me on a house and please remodel it I am a big girl so I like a big kitchen big shower I love kitchens I love big islands I don't care if my house was a bedroom and a kitchen and a bathroom and I love rent houses thank you guys for just listening to me Stacy
  • Dan Hagan
    10:17 am, October 25, 2017
    Flooring is beautiful. Can you please provide the manufacturer's specification for this flooring?
    Thank you, Dan
  • Carri
    7:47 am, October 5, 2017
    My husband & I have 3 children. Well 2 are now young adults (20 & 19) one living in her own & the other at college, then we have our 10yr old son with us. We have been thinking about moving & after watching your show. We would love to move to Texas possibly Waco or close to it. My dream is to have you both find us a home & renovate +decorate it for us. I love Jo's style & how she keeps things interesting yet simple & livable. I'm sad to see this is your last season of fixer upper. I hope you are both still doing what you do. That way when we are set & ready to make our move in the future, maybe I can contact you & you guys help us out. We currently live in Maryland & we would be so lost without good loyal help in finding our new home. Best wishes to all & it has been great watching you both. Thank you!
  • Skip whipple
    12:25 pm, September 23, 2017
    Can you work in oklahoma
  • Kathy Ane
    12:15 pm, September 8, 2017
    How did you build the murphy bed?? I have been looking to do that "project" for my condos guest room but been unsuccessful in finding plans.
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