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Episode 12 - The 5th Street Story

November 11, 2015

The 5th Street Story exterior This house was built in the early 1900’s and was quite the fixer upper. Chip and Joanna loved working with the clients to restore this old home in The 5th Street Story. Our client wanted to bring this house back to life in order to surprise her husband. They are both enjoy biking and running and wanted to be close to Cameron Park in Waco. The house is around the corner from the park – the perfect location! Joanna wanted to surprise them with a vintage bike she found and displayed it in the office living space for the clients. Chip and Joanna created a beautiful home out of this dilapidated outdated house and the clients were both pleased and surprised!

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  • Teresa Bell
    10:07 am, November 12, 2017
    I would love to have the paint color for the living room of this house. I have no windows in mine and really need to brighten/lighten it up. I love this.
  • Angie Machado
    7:19 am, October 19, 2017
    I just love the EPISODE 12 - THE 5TH STREET STORY. The house left for dead. I’m planning to build a replica of this house for myself in the future. I have tried to look up the new floor plans for this home, but; can’t seem to find them online. Any chance of finding the new floor plans online by Joanna?? Help Please!!!
  • Pat H.
    2:54 pm, October 4, 2017
    Please, please tell me what to do with my old windows!!! It appears that (only having time to watch the last half of this episode) you used the original windows. Did you remove them and send them out to be repaired or did you repair them on location?
  • Judy Bean.
    12:54 pm, September 23, 2017
    Love the 5th street house. The mix of Victorian and Spanish spoke to me. Love how the paint colors blended the two styles. I love that you are going to have a show on how you design. Chip is so funny.
  • James Abbott
    1:57 pm, August 31, 2017
    This house is one of my favorites. I love that the house was purchased for $35,000. The house with the rest of the budget has a eclectic mixture of old and new. This house speaks to me.
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