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Episode 10 - Silos Baking Co.

February 17, 2017

For years I’ve drawn design inspiration from old world European mercantile style bakeries. To me, there is something nostalgic about a 100-year-old bakery. I love that from the cabinetry and white subway tile all the way down to the trim work and dark gray grout, every detail has served as a source of inspiration behind so many kitchens we’ve flipped over the years. It only seemed right that since we were finally opening up our own bakery, that we design it with the same old world European style.

I wanted this whole place to feel like you’d stepped back in time to a little bake shop in France. From the herringbone floors to the custom cabinetry made to look worn, it was all a part of the plan to make this place look and feel like you stepped back in time. 

Objective: Create an open floor plan with plenty of space for bakery guests to line up. Design the main area with the European mercantile feel.

Objective: Keep this space easy for guests to access. Add interesting design details, like wallpaper, to give it a unique flare.

Objective: Design a setting where guests can enjoy their treats with a great view of the Silos and the rest of the Magnolia grounds.

Q. What was most fun about having mom and dad reveal it to you?

A. Emmie: I liked the part where they made us close our eyes and they pulled open the signs.

Q. Who was better at revealing — mom or dad?

A. Duke: They both did a pretty a good job.

Q. What’s your favorite cupcake flavor?

A. Drake: Shiplap | Ella: Strawberry | Duke: The Classic, but anything chocolate! | Emmie: Peanut Butter Cup

Q. What do you think is prettiest design element about the bakery?

A. Ella: I liked the floors!

Q. Do you like to bake?

A. The girls: Yes, we like to bake cookies with our mom.






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  • Annette Karsten
    8:57 pm, May 27, 2017
    I am so excited that my husband and I are taking a road trip from California to Waco Texas in October. We record the Fixer Upper episodes so that every Saturday morning after my husband and I wake up we can watch a few with our coffee. And a few weeks back after watching one of the episodes I looked at my husband and said "Let's go!" He said "Where?" I said "Waco Texas!" He smiled and said "Now!?" No silly! He has a brother who lives in New Braunfels Texas and so my husband Steve called his brother and his brother said to come in October. So that's when we are coming! I am so excited to see your Magnolia Market, the Silos, the bakery! You inspire me, motivate me, and you touch my heart with every episode I watch! My husband is even hooked now! I subscribed to the Magnolia Journal and have all 3 issues so far and my thinking has changed in so many ways...I just love them! And I read your book...again what an inspiration! My husband and I admire you both so much for your passion, the heart and soul that you put into every renovation, and for your faith in God! God bless you both and can't wait for October!
  • Sandra Dean
    7:45 am, May 22, 2017
    I have left a message for The darling Jo and Chip....whom I admire so much....with what they do! Nothining els and NO ONE ELSE....could come close to what Both of Them , do. Just amazing work.
    And Jo, what class and style, darling. You are just so good, my sweetie...I feel as if I know you so well...because I watch all your shows....reruns four times a day, yes I will. Got my husband hooked onto it too... and agrees , NO ONE CAN COME CLISE TO WHAT YOU DO! CONGRATULATIONS, DARLINGS.! Chip, we have so much fun, watching you, you are a delight too.
    Hoping one day, I could meet both of are just my two favourite darlings.
    I live in Adelaide, Australia. If ever, you are in Australia....Jo and Chip, I would live to see both f you...even cook you a Meal! That would be my dream to meet both of you.
    Love from Sandra Dean xx🍃
  • Anna
    11:49 am, May 16, 2017
    Wondering if you could tell the names and brands of paint colors used on the outside? It is beautiful!
  • Angelika Renz
    1:32 am, May 14, 2017
    Hallo Chip und Joanna ich bin ein großer Fan von eurer Fernsehsendung. Auch von Euch beiden. Joanna ich liebe dein Gefühl für Farben und ungewöhnlichen Deco Kombinationen. Hat mir sehr viel Ideen gebracht. Ich wohne in Deutschland in der Nähe von Stuttgart. Wir haben auch sehr viele Wandfarben, aber deine Farben sind was besonderes .Weil sie nicht aus zwei Farben ,sondern aus mehreren Farben gemischt sind. Unsere sind nicht so fein. Danke für Eure Inspirationen. Macht weiter so. Weiter viel Spaß und gute Ideen für Eure Familien und Projekte. Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland
    Angelika Renz
  • Donna Seniff
    7:37 am, April 27, 2017
    Hi my name is Donna Seniff. I live in Myrtle Beach South Carolina and I just love love love watching fixer upper. I like the way Chip and Joanna's antic to each other make you laugh and the best one is Jo when she moves her arms right then left and then i think she kicks. I admire them with the way they are towards their children. Definitely great role models for families today.
    This is my favorite fixer upper on TV. Chip and Joanna work great together. I love love love Joanna's design elements on every show. Makes me wish I lived in Waco. Try never to miss the show.
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