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Episode 10 - Silos Baking Co.

February 17, 2017

For years I’ve drawn design inspiration from old world European mercantile style bakeries. To me, there is something nostalgic about a 100-year-old bakery. I love that from the cabinetry and white subway tile all the way down to the trim work and dark gray grout, every detail has served as a source of inspiration behind so many kitchens we’ve flipped over the years. It only seemed right that since we were finally opening up our own bakery, that we design it with the same old world European style.

I wanted this whole place to feel like you’d stepped back in time to a little bake shop in France. From the herringbone floors to the custom cabinetry made to look worn, it was all a part of the plan to make this place look and feel like you stepped back in time. 

Objective: Create an open floor plan with plenty of space for bakery guests to line up. Design the main area with the European mercantile feel.

Objective: Keep this space easy for guests to access. Add interesting design details, like wallpaper, to give it a unique flare.

Objective: Design a setting where guests can enjoy their treats with a great view of the Silos and the rest of the Magnolia grounds.

Q. What was most fun about having mom and dad reveal it to you?

A. Emmie: I liked the part where they made us close our eyes and they pulled open the signs.

Q. Who was better at revealing — mom or dad?

A. Duke: They both did a pretty a good job.

Q. What’s your favorite cupcake flavor?

A. Drake: Shiplap | Ella: Strawberry | Duke: The Classic, but anything chocolate! | Emmie: Peanut Butter Cup

Q. What do you think is prettiest design element about the bakery?

A. Ella: I liked the floors!

Q. Do you like to bake?

A. The girls: Yes, we like to bake cookies with our mom.






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  • Pamela Emary
    6:21 am, March 27, 2017
    With so many Christian bakery controversies (particularly selling to gay peoples weddings), let me offer you a way of escaping that trap. When someone puts in the order, take the order, take their money, smile, and inform them that you have a group of people who pray for the couple. I suppose some of them will back out and take their business elsewhere.
  • Elizabeth
    5:40 pm, March 25, 2017
    Okay Joanna, I have just watched Season 04, Episode 15, and I must exclaim, I LOVE YOU GUYS! I want to hire you to renovate my house. Are you for hire? Please be for hire! Can I also just say that my heart warms every time I see your show, the smile on my face just keeps growing and growing watching you and Chip together, and when you show your adorable and well-mannered children, well I can only say OMG and thank you; Your family has brought such delight to my life. I'm not complaining but I'm sure you've been told, Why can't we all be as blessed as you? What you as a couple have on screen cannot be created without authenticity, mutual interest, affection, and respect. CONGRATULATIONS to your family, and continued success for decades to come!
    Elizabeth, Virginia
  • Sue Carrick
    5:27 pm, March 25, 2017
    Your fresh, simplistic approach to decorating, and the way you sell your ideas are a welcome relief to most others out, love, it. It has an European flair that I so adore.
    Can't wait for my garden tote to arrive....what about more garden ideas???? I know you can do it!!!!
  • Pat Atwell
    4:20 pm, March 25, 2017
    I love you guys!! You're such a special couple and family!! Your homes are beautiful and I always enjoy you and Chip working together!!!!
  • Noemi G Vargas
    3:13 pm, March 24, 2017
    My name is Noemi, but my middle name is Grace and everyone calls me Grace....I am 77 years old and I still work full time - I am the Sales Director for the Citigarden Hotel which its name will be changed to the "Park Pointe Hotel". I've been here at this job for 16 years and I love it. I finish work and then I turn on the TV when your show comes on, I haven't missed it yet! I must say that my son who lives upstairs with his family are also hooked with all that both of you do. God has blessed you with not only talent but a beautiful family. It's a pleasure to watch Chip and you together. He is so funny and no matter what kind of day I have he makes me laugh. He makes me feel that the sun has come out and all is good. I love everything that you have accomplished with all the hard work you both do. I'm a city girl, but I would love to be on the farm with you both that would be so much fun. I have 8 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren and we have a very blessed relationship full of love and joy. I do have a question for you - do you sell your cupcakes and cookies online? If not I hope you will consider doing that in the near future I sure would like to try them out. They look really good on the show...Just wanted to let both of you know I'm so glad you have this show and bring joy to those around you and to me too.....Oh! I want to say thank you to all the people who help you along the way with all that you do.
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