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Episode 07- The Mexia Major House

January 27, 2017

Mr. and Mrs. Beachum raised their children in the same home for 27 years. With all of their children and grandchildren filling up their house for every Thanksgiving and Christmas, it became clear pretty quickly that they’d outgrown their space. We wanted to make this their dream home, but with their limited budget we only planned on doing a few spaces. As a gift from their son, Kelvin Jr., we were able to surprise the Beachums and renovate their entire home. 

Objective: Create an entryway that opens into the living room and dining space.

Objective:  Open up the kitchen for lots of storage and countertop space. Mrs. Beachum loves to cook! 

Objective: Build large cased openings that lead into the entryway and the kitchen, so that it feels open, but with clear definition of the separate spaces.

Objective: Put together a gathering space with plenty of room for holiday meals with family.

Objective: Design a neutral and comfortable space for the Beachum family to relax.

Q. What’s the story behind the “Nana’s kitchen” sign?

A. That’s the name that my grandchildren call me. I have two sons and a granddaughter. When they come visit they know Nana goes out of her way to cook big for the grandbabies.

Q. How is your style reflected throughout the home?

A. Considering I’ve never had a house with any color other than white or had a home with wood flooring, this has been a drastic change for me. I like the house because it’s country, but not too country. It has style and elegance down to every detail.

Q. What is your favorite room in the home?

A. Probably the kitchen — I adore the pot filler. I also love the view from the patio outside. It reminds me of my home that I recently departed from after 27 years.

Q. Did you keep the furniture that was used for the reveal?

A. Yes, we kept most of the furniture. Some of our favorites that we kept were the coffee table, gorgeous clock on the wall, and the beautiful displays in the entry way and bedroom. We also really love using the dinette table, china cabinet, and rocking chairs! 

We loved designing this space, but even more than that, we loved getting to know Mr. and Mrs. Beachum! It was a joy to work with them and to settle them into their forever house. We hope they’re happy here for many years to come.


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  • Mosley Raquel
    9:38 pm, July 22, 2017
    Can you mention what colors you use on walls, trim etc..thanks
  • Susie
    9:56 pm, July 9, 2017
    Can you tell me where you got the bar stools? Thanks!
  • Aida
    5:35 pm, July 1, 2017
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  • Tina Remender
    10:06 am, June 24, 2017
    What color did you use for the living room and the kitchen? Love the blue and gray!!
  • Stacy
    6:35 am, June 24, 2017
    Love the paint colors in this house!!! Could you tell me what they are?
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