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Episode 06 - The Tire Swing House

November 11, 2015

Built in the 60’s, the Tire Swing House was located in an ideal neighborhood in Woodway, right outside of Waco. Chip and Jo’s clients’ style called for anything other than the typical Texas ranch style this house originally had. Joanna was inspired by her clients’ love for gardening and antiques, and hoped to transform this house into a charming cottage-style home.

Because the clients wanted to give their new home a fresh story, they asked Joanna to paint the exterior brick. Joanna lightened the existing brick and installed custom made shutters, which were also repainted. Joanna added window boxes and all new landscaping so that it would give her clients plenty of space to get inspired and utilize their gift for gardening. Chip and Jo also installed new windows on the exterior, which added to the light and peaceful atmosphere inside.

For the interior, Joanna wanted to incorporate antique pieces and fun pops of color. Chip installed antique brick pavers in the entryway to tie into the other antique elements in the home, and Joanna selected a pair of beautiful green antique doors from Round Top for the entrance to the office. Originally, the house had a very long room that was designed to be the formal dining and living room. Since the family did not need these formal spaces, Joanna divided the room in half, creating both an office and craft / dining room.

The clients wanted a large farm table to be able to host guests, as well as a functional space for their kids to get creative. Joanna found the amazing ten foot table and large desk with zinc top at an antique fair. She also incorporated her clients favorite color with the red antique industrial lights.

In the living room, Chip and Jo resurfaced the fireplace, giving it a more warm and cozy feel, and they installed an antique beam as the mantle. New wood flooring was installed, and the walls were painted a soft grey. Joanna also selected french doors to bring in more natural light.

Chip and Jo opened up the kitchen, tripling its size. They installed new cabinets, concrete countertops and a white 3 x 6 subway tile with natural gray group. Joanna found and included a quirky antique copper vent hood with scalloped edges, adding some whimsy to the space. The clients wanted a large island to be able to entertain guests and create a big statement in the kitchen. Clint with Harp Design Co resurfaced the kitchen island, which was part of an old railroad car.


The hallway bath was originally connected to the master bath, but Chip and Jo put up a dividing wall and added a stand up shower in the guest bath. The light color played on patterns to make a big statement in this small bathroom. The master bath was redesigned to include a larger shower and double vanity.

Joanna created a charming fun space for the master bathroom and used lots of color against the soft gray walls. Chip and Jo added all new sheetrock, flooring, new windows and fixtures to give this space a fresh look. Joanna used colorful bedding and artwork to add the finishing touches to this room.

This 1960’s ranch house was transformed into a colorful and peaceful cottage style home for Chip and Jo’s clients. The renovation process of this home shows that no matter the original style of the home, a little color and rearranging can change the entire look and feel of the home.


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  • Debbie Pettry
    9:27 am, April 20, 2017
    Beautiful. What color fid you use in the bedroom. Looks so relaxing
  • Eddie
    5:10 pm, April 19, 2017
    What is the flooring and where do I buy it?
  • Bella
    10:00 pm, March 30, 2017
    I absolutely adore that bedspread! The iron wrought frame is so amazing. Wish my bed was like that!
  • Evanskie
    9:17 pm, March 13, 2017
    Another beautiful Reno. What is the overall dimensions of the ranch?
  • Krista
    10:02 am, February 26, 2017
    I would really love to know what kind of wood flooring that is, as I'd like to duplicate it in my home. More information on that please?
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