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Episode 06 - The Pick A Door House

January 17, 2017

The Wixsoms, Dean and Brittany, are both Baylor grads who moved back to Waco from Colorado. They were looking to settle into a family home that matched their modern style, but wasn’t too far from the natural elements they both loved about Colorado.

Objective: Create an open space that reflects the same modern industrial vibe as the rest of the house.

Objective: Convert the existing fireplace into a focal point that gives the entire room something unique to center around.

Objective: Build a nook that feels like an extension of the rest of the house, and has easy access to the kitchen.

Objective: Give the Wixsoms a practical, quiet space to get work done.

Objective: Transform the garage into a master suite with plenty of space for the Wixsoms.

Q. We love the modern style of your home. Have you always had this type of style?

A. Our style has definitely evolved since the beginning of our marriage. One thing that has remained the same is our love for simplicity and minimalism. We love spaces that feel open and airy. Less is more around our house.
Q. This modern style is quite different from The Gaines farmhouse. Was this a challenge in the design process?

A. We knew going in that our style was out of the norm, but we had confidence in the Gaines. Their ability to capture a client’s vision and remain true to their aesthetic allowed us to feel at ease throughout the renovation.

Q. Is it difficult to keep the simplistic style of the home on a day to day basis?
A. It can be challenging to keep our space uncluttered, especially having a one year old. We try to avoid impulse purchases and choose pieces that are meaningful to us or contribute to the functionality of the home.
Q. What was the inspiration behind your home?
A. The first place we called home as a married couple was an industrial loft in downtown Denver. It utilized a lot of raw elements like concrete. Ever since, we’ve dreamed of incorporating industrial features into a home for our family. It’s been super cool to see that dream become a reality.

This is by far the most modern home we’ve ever gotten to design, and I loved every minute of creating this space for the Wixsom family! The Wixsoms’ willingness to trust us and let us design a home we knew would be perfect for these two ensured this would be a unique project for the books!



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  • Dawn
    7:53 pm, July 20, 2017
    Where can I get the dining chairs in this fixer?
  • Michele WetzelHillman
    12:18 pm, July 20, 2017
    I have priced industrial sized fans and hoping the one used in this design will be in the budget, what company is the fan from. Thank you
  • Veronica Milhouse
    6:51 pm, July 10, 2017
    I'm in love with the bedding!!! Can anyone PLEASE tell me where I can find it??
  • Margaux Lunceford
    12:23 pm, July 2, 2017
    Who is the manufacturer of the window/sliding door unit on the back of the house? Same question for all of the black windows that go all the way down to the floor? I would like to know also.
    • Joanna
      7:36 pm, July 22, 2017
      Where do I find sliding glass doors in this ultra modern house on fixer upper?
  • Elke
    4:15 am, June 18, 2017
    Sorry, Greeting ........
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