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Episode 05 - The Graham House

January 11, 2017

Mr. and Mrs. Graham’s house had not been updated since the time it was built. It was just a small two bedroom house with one bathroom and a closed-off floorplan. Their personal design style is Traditional, which of course we were more than happy to tackle. This project was very special because it was brought to us by Robert Griffin III’s Family of 3 Foundation. Family of 3 is a non profit foundation that benefits struggling military families. Their generous giving and support helped make this project a possibility for this special family. Along with Robert’s foundation, the community of Waco also rallied around this project and helped by donating labor and materials to get us to the finish line. 

Objective: Create an open floor plan where the kitchen, dining and living are in the same main space so it would be open for the grandchildren.

Objective: Create a comfortable space for the Grahams to relax.

Objective: Create a true master bedroom and bathroom suite.

Objective: Replace the original garage with a functional, full-sized laundry room. Build a carport for parking.

Objective: We wanted to do an overall update and add a porch they could enjoy. We also wanted to put in a backyard garden for growing vegetable and herbs.

Q. Have you been able to harvest anything from your herb garden yet?

A. Yes, my dad plants greens every year, so we have been enjoying them all winter.

Q. What was it like working with RGIII?

A. Robert is a great guy, and we certainly couldn’t have completed the project without him or the people at the Family of Three foundation. We actually went to a Rangers game with him and my dad threw out the first pitch.

Q. We know that Mr. Graham is an army veteran and many spaces in the home reflect that. Does he have a favorite touch?

A. Yes, he loves the antique flag in the living room. He was in the United States Army for 8 years and then served in the Texas National Guard after that. His time in the military totaled 42 years, so that detail was definitely something special for him.

Thank you Mr. Graham for your dedication and service to our country. Also, we wanted to thank RGIII for letting us be a part of his amazing foundation and to the Waco community for all the support on this project. 

This project was special to us for so many different reasons. We were honored to work with the Grahams and during this entire process they became like family to us. Unfortunately, a few months after this reveal, Mrs. Graham passed away. Our love and prayers go out to the Graham family, and we hope this home continues to be a refuge for their loved ones for many years to come.



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  • Samanthe Hazelett
    8:19 pm, July 14, 2017
    I just watched this episode today and fell in love with this sweet couple. I cried watching it, and now just reading she passed away makes me sad. Bless you all for making her home so beautiful and she got to enjoy it❤️
  • Heather Westbrook
    12:28 pm, July 13, 2017
    I love the pieces Joanna picks for home i wish I knew where she gets the fruniture I would buy my favorites
  • Bettye Chapman
    10:22 am, July 5, 2017
    I love the custom wall sign with the Army song used during episode 5. My husband is an Army veteran and I'd like to get him one for an Army section I'm doing in our home. Do you sell those signs? If not, where can I get one made? I love your show!
  • Vinnie Gessley
    7:05 pm, July 4, 2017
    I just watched the Graham house episode again, on Independence Day. What a sweet show. Again I cried at the end knowing that she passed away shortly after the reveal. God bless.
  • bianca
    7:31 pm, June 28, 2017
    can you please start teaching!
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