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Episode 04 - The Mt. Rockwood Story

November 11, 2015
This home started as a traditional style house with a beautiful lake view. Our clients came from a large newer home and were ready to downsize to a home with a french country feel. They travel often and wanted to bring their experiences abroad into their home. It took some serious imagination and planning to turn this traditional home into a french country dream home in two short months in the Mt. Rockwood Story.
One thing the clients really wanted to incorporate in their new home was a wine room and a space to entertain guests. Joanna transformed the existing living room into their wine room/dining room. She also painted the brick with a distressed finish to give the clients the style they were looking for. Joanna merged the existing kitchen and formal dining into a large kitchen space, perfect for entertaining. Now the layout of the kitchen is both open and inviting and our clients were pleased with the result!


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  • Kate
    1:57 am, May 22, 2017
    Could you please tell me the brand of the brick pacers used in this show. I live in New Zealand and want to see if I can buy them here. I adore your show. Thanks so much in advance.
    • Janine
      2:03 pm, May 22, 2017
      Too funny, I live in NZ and have just looked up this house for the exact same thing. Maybe a bulk import for 2 houses Kate?
  • Debbie
    3:03 pm, April 21, 2017
    what color are the exterior shutter painted? I am having a hard time finding the color of turquoise/teal I want on our Mediterranean stucco home
  • Rob
    7:45 am, April 14, 2017
    what is the name of the vendor of your sports jacket wearing in this episode? (my wife loves it al least as much as this episode, and I would like to surprize her...)
  • Gina
    7:04 am, April 7, 2017
    Would love to know where the "footed cheese board" that is shown in the wine/dining room was purchased. If it was a found item, I wonder if Clint would be willing to replicate it? I would love to gift it to my son and daughter in law for their 5th (wood) wedding anniversary. Thanks
  • April
    11:32 am, March 27, 2017
    What color is the outside of the house and the color of the shutters??
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