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Episode 04 - The Big Country House

January 3, 2017


This home was on a beautiful piece of land and was previously a farmhouse style home, so when the Eberle family described their style as farmhouse, I knew it was a perfect fit. Stephanie wanted a really comfortable and beautiful space for her whole family to be able to gather for holidays. With this goal in mind, we designed this space completely around the comfort of their visitors. Our biggest challenge by far was reworking the entire footprint of the house. Every original space in the home had to be altered to make the new layout flow and make sense for this family. 

Objective: Make sure these spaces are big enough for the whole family to enjoy when they come to visit.

Objective: These spaces needed to be large enough for family to spread out, but also open so that everyone could gather in these separate areas and still be together.

Objective: Stephanie wanted a bedroom and bathroom that felt luxurious and large.

Objective: The Eberles wanted a bunk room that sleeps 8, so their kids would have a comfortable space to stay when they come to visit for holidays.

Objective: Build a comfortable outdoor space for the Eberle family to gather together.

Q. How have you enjoyed your outdoor space?

A. We spend so much time out there. We love to look out and see the horses and cows. Whether we are out there at night under the stars or just drinking our coffee in the morning, we can’t get enough of it.

Q. What’s your favorite part of the house?

A. My wife would say it’s the kitchen. It has all the amenities. Mine would have to be the back patio.

Q. Have you had any guests stay in the bunk room yet?

A. At Thanksgiving we had about 18 people stay at the house. Everyone loved the great use of space, and the kids were all fighting to stay in the bunk room.

Q. What advice would you give to fans watching your episode?

A. If you want to build the house of your dreams, then you should go all the way. Do everything, and don’t cut corners. Go for the look that you really want because it will be worth it in the end.

Chip and I enjoyed designing this house with the Eberles and their extended family in mind. We loved dreaming up spaces where they would host and entertain. Picturing where their Christmas tree would go and how easy Thanksgiving would be with their new Butler’s pantry really did make this project fun. Thank you, Eberles, for letting us renovate your beautiful new farmhouse!


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  • Marilynn Long
    12:18 pm, January 22, 2017
    Have loved you guys from the start I love your strong family values and the honesty with viewers and the home owners I would have chip and Joanna do my house in a heartbeat but I'm from Kansas and that is not possible I will check on your products and see if I can incorporate them in my home thanks so much for your ideas for your show is my very favorite on hgtv
  • Kim Keller
    10:31 am, January 22, 2017
    I would love to know where the bedding in both the master and bunk rooms is from?
  • Marilyn Switzer
    1:16 am, January 21, 2017
    Beautiful house. I love your show-not only the deecorating, but both of you, your relationship, the children and the family's, interactions
  • Michael Cheatham
    9:50 pm, January 19, 2017
    What brand and color flooring did you use on this project?
  • Laura Ellingson
    7:31 pm, January 19, 2017
    What I find simply amazing is the pure joy in all of the rooms. Simplistic and wholesome Joy! The journey that your family has taken us on being apart of your life (show, books, blog) make living in your footsteps an adventure for us. My husband and I have enjoyed sitting and watching and yes dreaming of the house you would transform for our family. We built our home 3 years ago and the day we moved into our 3 bedroom rambler we discovered that we were pregnant with baby number 4! What a blessing however with the ages of our children we quickly realized that space was going to be tight. The basement was measures and tweaked immediately to host to additional bedrooms. We had not a clue what we were doing! It was $500 here and a few pieces of drywall there that we could afford to put the rooms (shell of a room) together. The original builder of the upstairs did a very poor job. The construction from the start has flaws and concerns that have never been addressed. The kitchen faucet for example started leaking and he told us that we altered the faucet so he was not responsible. We changed nothing... The roof leaks at the peak of the front door and garage door so the first thing that you see as you walk in is the water stain on the ceiling that both a City engineer and home insurance agent inspected telling us that the roof is faulty and that we need to pull the builder to get involved and the builder will not return any calls, emails and the BBB has not been able to get in touch on our behalf either. This builder has fallen off the face of the planet and still is in business. We dream about moving to Texas and having you transform a house for us however our life, our family and our support network (church) is here in Minnesota. Let me tell you, if doing a locational build or enhancement to our home in Minnesota is ever something that you would consider... PLEASE stop on by! Our home or future place would be ALL YOURS to re-create! In great admiration, Thank you for being a true joy to watch and learn about new looks, technics and having fun in your relationship! Until we meet SOMEDAY! Bless you!
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