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Episode 04 - The Big Country House

January 3, 2017


This home was on a beautiful piece of land and was previously a farmhouse style home, so when the Eberle family described their style as farmhouse, I knew it was a perfect fit. Stephanie wanted a really comfortable and beautiful space for her whole family to be able to gather for holidays. With this goal in mind, we designed this space completely around the comfort of their visitors. Our biggest challenge by far was reworking the entire footprint of the house. Every original space in the home had to be altered to make the new layout flow and make sense for this family. 

Objective: Make sure these spaces are big enough for the whole family to enjoy when they come to visit.

Objective: These spaces needed to be large enough for family to spread out, but also open so that everyone could gather in these separate areas and still be together.

Objective: Stephanie wanted a bedroom and bathroom that felt luxurious and large.

Objective: The Eberles wanted a bunk room that sleeps 8, so their kids would have a comfortable space to stay when they come to visit for holidays.

Objective: Build a comfortable outdoor space for the Eberle family to gather together.

Q. How have you enjoyed your outdoor space?

A. We spend so much time out there. We love to look out and see the horses and cows. Whether we are out there at night under the stars or just drinking our coffee in the morning, we can’t get enough of it.

Q. What’s your favorite part of the house?

A. My wife would say it’s the kitchen. It has all the amenities. Mine would have to be the back patio.

Q. Have you had any guests stay in the bunk room yet?

A. At Thanksgiving we had about 18 people stay at the house. Everyone loved the great use of space, and the kids were all fighting to stay in the bunk room.

Q. What advice would you give to fans watching your episode?

A. If you want to build the house of your dreams, then you should go all the way. Do everything, and don’t cut corners. Go for the look that you really want because it will be worth it in the end.

Chip and I enjoyed designing this house with the Eberles and their extended family in mind. We loved dreaming up spaces where they would host and entertain. Picturing where their Christmas tree would go and how easy Thanksgiving would be with their new Butler’s pantry really did make this project fun. Thank you, Eberles, for letting us renovate your beautiful new farmhouse!


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  • Holly lemon
    9:25 pm, September 24, 2017
    Gorgeous!!! I would love to renovate a home and save the world from an outdated/ugly home, but it seems by time (and $$$) that it would be less expensive to just build! Can you please tell me how much a full renovation like this cost? I would love to renovate and build to my own style!
  • Sidney
    1:01 pm, September 17, 2017
    What is the blue color used in the bunk room?
    • Lynnette Morosky
      5:55 pm, September 18, 2017
      Where can I find the duvet covers used on the bunk beds? Almost nautical, so cute!
  • Olivia A.
    12:29 pm, September 17, 2017
    What type of wood and stain is this? I'm in love with the chunky beams/columns. Also the hardware on the wood outside is gorgeous. Where did you get it? Lastly, I love the wide plank wood floors? What brand are they?
  • Fiona Cleveland
    1:03 am, September 14, 2017
    Is there a floor plan available for this home . We love the style of this house . We are planning to build a home in Naramata, BC - Canada. Thanks . Love your work.
  • Michalle B
    3:31 pm, September 9, 2017
    Dying to see the actual floor plan!!! How big was this home? Square footage? My husband and I are planning an escape from California once all the kids are off to college. This is exactly the retreat style home we want to build in sleepy colorado. Thank you for sharing your work with us and keeping our dreams alive!
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