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Episode 03 - The Plain Gray Ranch

December 14, 2016

The Yeildings described their design style as traditional, but the home they chose was more ranch-style, so I wanted to find a way to blend both styles seamlessly. The original layout of the home was closed off, which is typical of the 1950s era when it was built. It was sectioned off with lots of unnecessary walls and dated design elements, like heart-patterned wallpaper and linoleum flooring. Spaces like the kitchen and master bathroom needed a complete update, while the family room, entryway and master bedroom only required cosmetic updates to add character. With the Yeildings’ love of entertaining, and their styles in mind, we created a house we hoped they’d be excited to call home.


Objective: Entertaining is the Yeildings’ favorite thing to do weekly, so it was important that the kitchen space also encompassed a dining space.


 Objective: To remove wall separating the living room from the kitchen, open up the floor plan and design a traditional space that the Yeildings would enjoy. 


 Objective: The master suite needed to be a retreat for the Yeildings to relax after a long day. They also needed a larger master bathroom with a tub and a shower.


Q. Your unique island with the built in booth was one of our favorites. How have you used this in your everyday life?

A.Yes, we love our island. We use it a lot, especially when we have company over since it doubles as a seating/dining room table. Everyone always comments on our Carrara marble!

Q. Was there anything about the house that you specifically asked for?

A.When we were looking at other houses, something we really wanted was a fireplace. So, I was pretty bummed when this house didn’t have one. When we walked in and saw the fireplace it was such a fun surprise.

Q. What was your favorite room in the house?

A. I love the kitchen, living, and dining area. It’s an open floor plan, so I guess that counts as one space. So much really great natural light comes in with the french doors. It feels really peaceful.

Q. Did you ask for any specific colors?

A.We really wanted the kitchen to be white. It turned out so well using the neutral color in our cabinets and fridge. Another one of my favorites was the backsplash in the kitchen.

It was an honor to be able to fix up the Yeilding family’s very first home together. I hope entertaining friends becomes seamless in this new space, and the newly renovated master retreat is a peaceful place they can relax for years to come. 


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  • Susan Brown
    1:49 pm, March 25, 2017
    Hi Joanna, please help! Here are the candlesticks again on the mantle that I cannot find anywhere?
    Please, if anyone could help me find these I would be so happy.
  • Wendy
    10:29 am, March 17, 2017
    I also would love to know how to purchase towel rack/holder over toilet in bathrrom...please! Thank you!
  • Bonita Tanner
    9:55 am, March 17, 2017
    Where can I find that bed from the Master suite?
  • Judy Peirce
    4:20 pm, March 15, 2017
    I want to buy the towel holder hanging above the toilet!!! Please let me know where I can purchase it. Thank you!
  • NELLIE Hardaway
    9:43 pm, March 14, 2017
    Keep up the Great Work. I Mcgregor Texas a nice town?
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