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Episode 02 - The Gatecrest Story

November 11, 2015

Episode two features a quirky old house that hadn’t been touched since it was built in 1973. The house was literally stuck in the 70’s and included a strange atrium in the foyer that made the house almost unsellable. But after Chip and Joanna got their hands on it, the house was transformed into a beautiful french country home in the Gatecrest Story.

One of the biggest challenges of this house was the atrium in the foyer. Joanna was able to re-invent the space, causing it to become a creative focal point instead of an awkward eyesore. This actually became the client’s new favorite spot in the house. The atrium fits and even complements the eclectic style Joanna hoped to achieve. Because the clients have a blend of styles, Joanna wanted to create something unique and functional for their family.



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  • Rebecca
    2:17 pm, February 27, 2017
    I love everything Jojo and Chic does. Wished we could afford for them to come to Georgia and fix my hot mess of a home. So we would not be working on it for 10 more years.
  • Vivian Romero Lee-Brayman
    12:52 am, January 9, 2017
    OMG love that table with the swing out seat's. Your show bring's me such joy in a life of let down's inspite of personal progress. My spelling's a bit off bare with me.
    Me I wish for a home just renovated by you two. Or just a home. I rent a small room with a day bed it doesn't matter love your show it makes it bareable. Well I wish for somethings every night sometimes they come true. Well I hope they do . I'll see you on your next show. Please stay true to your selves,stay grounded look back and remember how it all began. Ok hope I can be able to afford something from your store Vivian
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