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Magnolia through your eyes

September 1, 2017

This summer, we’ve had guests come from all over to visit us here at the Silos! We love scrolling through your social media posts feeling like we get to share in your time here. Experiencing Magnolia through your eyes is our favorite way to see it, so we wanted to share a look at the Silos through the lens of your Instagram photos.

Magnolia Market, Waco TX

Magnolia Market, Waco TX

Magnolia Market, Waco TX

Magnolia Market, Waco TX


Thanks for sharing your favorite spots at the Silos with us this season! Keep the photos coming—we can’t wait to see what you find next! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #magnoliamarket or tag @magnolia so we can find all your pictures. And comment below if you’re planning a visit!




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  • Blair Mueller
    6:38 am, September 23, 2017
    Hey guys! I had the pleasure to visit the Silos yesterday afternoon. I'm visiting from Wisconsin, and even in the Texas heat, I was awe inspired, I had tears❤️ Y'all are amazing and genuine, from what your staff says. Being there was better than seeing the Eiffel tower . For me at least ;) I'll be back, in cooler weather, with my tiny family with me next time.
  • Amanda Jenkins
    9:44 pm, September 22, 2017
    I wrote the following poem after my husband put new boards down for our back steps. I thought you might enjoy it and identify with it. May God continue to bless you and your family.
    Amanda Jenkins


    I smelled the wood, fresh hewn and laid, the steps to our back porch. The splintered wood he took away, the ones the sun had scorched. His sweaty brow was furrowed with the early August heat, and I saw him through the window, cleaning a dish from which he'd eat. I longed to kiss his soft pink lips amid his bristly stubble, and smiled as my small child called for me and somehow burst my bubble. But calming her and loving her, was somehow romantic in itself, because she came of him and me and was as natural as breath. I finished in the kitchen and ventured to the grass, where I handed him some tea and lemon in a short and stubby glass. He drank it down to ice, and told me it was good. I got to kiss his sweet, sweet lips and stand upon the wood. The screws were sunk into the frame to keep the wood from being wobbly. I knew that they would still be there when we got old and hobbly. His laughter eased the humid temp that stirred the heat within. I loved to hear his voice when he felt free like autumn wind. We'd been together way too long for shallowness to dwell. We knew each other up and down with no foolish pride to swell. Just pure love and abiding grace, enough to character each face. How whole and balanced is love when shared with one who is your spouse. We treat it as a treasure to upkeep our little house. And show the love we have for God, for family, and for others. It is a treasure to hold dear your husband as your lover.

    AJ 2017
  • Sharyn Marcovitz
    12:53 pm, September 22, 2017
    I am not good at blogging , I don't tweet , don't do Pinterest or instagram but I have a question for your next blooper and best rooms show and even for now if you don't want to use it on the blooper show. I have wanted to know if all the furniture and knock knacks that you stage these homes with belongs to the clients or if it's your staging items. Like the bedding, the furniture that we don't see you buy in the living, dining and bedrooms?
  • Barbara and Jeff Einstein
    10:03 am, September 21, 2017
    We couldn't be happier for you guys and the kiddos. You have accomplished so much in such a short time and have done it all with grace and gratitude! Keep moving forward. Barbara & Jeff(New York)
  • Rick Thornton
    3:11 pm, September 19, 2017
    Hello to y'all, my wife and I love your show,I think we have watched everyone of the episodes at least 5 times or more. My wife is Korean, and we have been married going on 47 years. We live in Harker Heights Texas, which is next to Fort Hood. I'm retired from the Army, and 100% disabled. Receiving a grant from the VA to make our home wheelchair accessible, sure wish y'all could the renovation. We've h o.k.eard that you are using Target as the venue for your new Magnolia line !! This truly disappoints us because of the immoral stance that Target has taken towards Christian folks, and families!!!! If this is the case we sincerely request you reconsider your chioce!!! My wife, and Family,and Christian family have been Boycotting Target ever since they took their immoral stance.
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