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Our Farmhouse Laundry Room

August 24, 2016



Our laundry room at the farmhouse isn’t something we’ve shown you yet. We’ve recently added it on to create a space that would serve as a mudroom/laundry room for the family.

When we first moved into the farmhouse, we used a closet underneath the stairs as our laundry room. This worked fine for a long time, but eventually we outgrew the space and built a small addition off of our dining room to keep our laundry and, of course, my favorite plants.


BMC Wash ‘n Fold was Chip’s business when we were dating. I love that this is a part of his past, so I had an artist paint it on the brick to surprise Chip.

(Chip wrote a blog of his own about this business—read more about Chip’s wash ‘n fold here.)


This little plant in the window is my youngest daughter, Emmie’s, tomato plant – which she has lovingly named “Mr. Tom”. She loves watering plants with me in here and checking on her own is something she does daily.


The laundry room recently become a place in our house I retreat to. Which probably sounds a little funny—to retreat to the laundry room. But I’ve learned that when you make your spaces creative and fun, it helps make the chores, like laundry, not so bad. And trust me, laundry is not on my list of favorite to-dos.


I love the natural light and the calm feeling I get sitting in here drinking my morning coffee. My open shelves are filled with plants, because, of course, green things make me feel at home. It’s part of my morning routine to come in here and water all of them. Then I just kind of hide back here until it’s time to make the kids breakfast.


Tag me on Instagram to let me know what your favorite space in your home is, and why you find yourself retreating there! I’d love to know what your version of “the laundry room” is and why.


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  • Debbie Peltier
    2:12 pm, September 28, 2016
    Mrs. Gaines I l o v e your style you and
    mr. Gaines are my very favorite kids to watch, since you are my children ages.
    loved yous last week love you both more today! you make me laugh and love your gentle way with the children, and each other. sooo fixer up one in thoughts of great idea"s and make me laugh some more Deb Peltier
  • Taryn
    1:55 pm, September 28, 2016
    Hi Joanna, Thanks for this share. My long term bf of 7.5 years and bought our first home together 1 year ago. Your spaces continue to inspire me. Right now, our laundry room is this little hole in the wall hallway from the garage to the rest of the house. When you go to put in the clothes, your bum smacks right up against the wall. I'm currently in the process of drawing up plans and designs for our new laundry/mud room/entry way. Thank you thank you thank you for that wonderful creative brain of yours <3
  • Sharon Dailey
    8:25 am, September 28, 2016
    In our laundry room I took a folded burlap ribbon with small red clothes pins to hang four red or gold toddler clothes that my husband wore as a small child. Our walls are gold and we accent with red. It looks so cute.
  • Elizabeth Frohse
    8:07 am, September 28, 2016
    When we lived in San Antonio, our house there had a Laundry Room that was huge and it became my "craft room" plus Laundry! And you are absolutely correct, made Laundry WAY more easy to do!! I had a big drafting table where I did my Decorative Painting projects, and switching wash to dryer seem to come at the right time - when I needed to walk away and let it dry!!! Then when finished with wash to dryer task - poof - my project was dry and ready for me to proceed!! That is my dream (we do not live in a big house now!!!!) is to have a Craft room again!!! Kitchen table just does NOT work well!!
  • Kim
    7:52 am, September 28, 2016
    Joanna, was your tavern table in the market during silobration last year? I loved that corner of the shop and it looked a lot like this table - from my memory. Fabulous piece and great that you were able to keep it for your home.
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