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Our Farmhouse Laundry Room

August 24, 2016


Our laundry room at the farmhouse isn’t something we’ve shown you yet. We’ve recently added it on to create a space that would serve as a mudroom/laundry room for the family.

When we first moved into the farmhouse, we used a closet underneath the stairs as our laundry room. This worked fine for a long time, but eventually we outgrew the space and built a small addition off of our dining room to keep our laundry and, of course, my favorite plants.

BMC Wash ‘n Fold was Chip’s business when we were dating. I love that this is a part of his past, so I had an artist paint it on the brick to surprise Chip.

(Chip wrote a blog of his own about this business—read more about Chip’s wash ‘n fold here.)

This little plant in the window is my youngest daughter, Emmie’s, tomato plant – which she has lovingly named “Mr. Tom”. She loves watering plants with me in here and checking on her own is something she does daily.

The laundry room recently become a place in our house I retreat to. Which probably sounds a little funny—to retreat to the laundry room. But I’ve learned that when you make your spaces creative and fun, it helps make the chores, like laundry, not so bad. And trust me, laundry is not on my list of favorite to-dos.

I love the natural light and the calm feeling I get sitting in here drinking my morning coffee. My open shelves are filled with plants, because, of course, green things make me feel at home. It’s part of my morning routine to come in here and water all of them. Then I just kind of hide back here until it’s time to make the kids breakfast.

Tag me on Instagram to let me know what your favorite space in your home is, and why you find yourself retreating there! I’d love to know what your version of “the laundry room” is and why.

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  • Debbie Ray
    3:07 pm, March 17, 2017
    I love this space!!! JoAnna you are a brilliant designer. I love everything you do!!
  • Millie
    9:02 pm, March 15, 2017
    Where or who sells the laundry farm sink? An you share that information? Thanks
    Millie Robinson. KANSAS
  • Jacqueline Onions
    10:40 pm, February 27, 2017
    Joanna what is your laundry room counter top made of ?
    • Nancy Russell
      9:20 pm, March 6, 2017
      What is the white paint color in your laundry room?
    • Debbie
      3:09 pm, March 17, 2017
      I believe it's a concrete countertop
  • Barbara Arendall
    2:43 pm, February 8, 2017
    Is it my imagination or is the sink in the laundry room low to the floor?
    • Stephny Pappas
      8:14 am, March 11, 2017
      Probably so her small children may use it too. They may wash dogs here as well. Just my guess!
      I don't think this gets looked at much, as I rarely see anyone respond to questions posted.
  • Debby McCloskey
    11:34 am, February 1, 2017
    Would you kindly tell me the source for your laundry-room floor? Love, love, love it! :)))
    And your design style!!!
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