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Farmer's Market Summer Display

June 28, 2017

Here in Waco, our local farmer’s market is a big event on Saturday mornings. It’s held right beside the river, and there’s nothing better than stopping by to stock up on local produce.

This summer, we were inspired by how much the city of Waco embraces our local farmer’s market, and decided to model that feeling in our store displays. Our creative team hand made every single one of these paper mâché fruits and vegetables!

BONUS: If you’re interested in learning how our creative team made these, click here and download instructions on how to make your own lemons!

We hope you get a chance to come out and see these displays for yourself this season, but if you can’t, let us know in the comments below if you like seeing our visual displays here on the blog!


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  • Bessy Gonzalez
    8:51 am, August 28, 2017
    Hi guys! We record your show and have made it our "family show" to watch as much as possible during the week. My husband takes a lot of pointers and laughs from Chip and my daughter and I truly appreciate your creativity and how you make such a statement piece out of any old thing, giving it it's own stage to be admired. Items just come to life. We love how even your kiddos play a big role in preparing the reveal.
    I just subscribed to your blog, and recently purchased a few items from Magnolia Market including the Magnolia mug which is sitting by side as I type these thoughts. By the way the details put into every single item in the packaging and box.. were really nice. Lastly, I commend you on your humility and gratitude. I share the same sentiment, it keeps us humble, happy and with a heart full of love. Thank you!
  • Zuzana
    8:33 am, August 26, 2017
    Love the show and things you do guys, but this blog content lately is one thing that looks like you don't spent enough time working on. It was way better before the show started comparing to present!
  • Shelia Cox
    6:16 pm, August 24, 2017
    I love you Chip and Jo!!! I watch all your episodes. My youngest grandson Gavin asked me if you were real. I just answered yes he loves Chip and Jo Jo as he calls you Joanna.
  • Amy
    5:18 pm, August 24, 2017
    Do you sell the pull over jacket/ shirt that chip wore on your bloopers/behind the scenes show it was black half zip shirt I want one
  • Amy
    5:16 pm, August 24, 2017
    Love you chip & Jo
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