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Spring at the Silos Recap

April 20, 2017

At last year’s Silobration, we tried something a little different and added a vendor fair to the list of activities to spotlight small businesses from all over the country. I loved this part of the Silobration so much, that I decided to host another annual event that was all about our vendor artisans—Spring at the Silos.

When we started planning for Spring at the Silos, I wanted to make sure we had a good variety of artisans from all over the country, so we invited just under 80 different groups to come set up all along the streets in front of the property. The vendor fair was my favorite part about this event, and made for a unique shopping experience for all of our visitors.

To celebrate spring, we also hosted activities like morning yoga on the lawn, grounds tours and live music. I loved seeing everyone finally get to enjoy our finished grounds. Last spring we were still figuring out how to put the finishing touches on details like seating and landscaping, so it was good to finally see the fruits of hard work.

See some of my favorite highlights from this year’s Spring at the Silos below!

Our 75 vendors each brought something unique to add to the event—from handmade cutting boards to kids toys and even jewelry, fresh flowers and paper goods—we had a little bit of everything. These artisans brought so much energy and excitement to our grounds.

For those of you who made the trip to Waco to join us for Spring at the Silos, I hope you had fun celebrating spring with us. Be sure to comment below if you made it out to the event and tell me where you came from! And thank you again to the city of Waco, our vendors and the Magnolia staff for all of your hard work making this happen.


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  • Peggy Obitts
    2:21 pm, July 13, 2017
    Can't wait for season 5 love u all chip and Joanna
  • Vivian Stegall
    10:12 am, July 12, 2017
    Jo & Chris have a beautiful family & a sweet, sweet relationship!
    I can see why they are so well loved in their community !
    I watch to get inspired....thank you both . Your fan base is increasing here in Plant City Florida....I talk about you all and your show a lot!
    Good Luck Folks
  • Karen DiFabio
    5:53 pm, July 1, 2017
    Hi Joanna, I am a recently retired purchasing director. I was responsible for the purchasing of décor/furnishings/ office furniture/ supplies/ roofs/ septic tanks, vehicles and all things necessary to keep our $32,000,000 company happy and operating efficiently. One of my responsibilities was to furnish and decorate therapy offices and group homes where our clients live. I am hoping you would communicate with me about becoming your Eastern PA purchasing agent for Magnolia on a part time, or accessional basis. We have an antiques shopping area called Adamstown with reportedly miles of antique stores to name one area of sourcing . I can do the shopping for you and have the items shipped to the Magnolia Silos . Please give the idea some thought and if you would like additional information from me, i.e. resume , transcripts, I would be happy to send these documents off to you .
  • Kathie Evans
    3:11 pm, June 21, 2017
    It is time to make it clear to your followers if you really started a skin care line and exactly what is it's name OR are you just lending your name and face to different skin care companies who then send products that show no association with you. I ordered 2"free" items (I had to pay S&H - no big deal) and then received 2 items with names I've never heard of and when I contacted that company's phone number they said you were endorsing their product and by getting my "free items" I was now enrolled in some kind of "program" which they wouldn't explain. It has certainly made Joanna's reputation go down in my book. She needs to do all she can to put out there whether or not she is selling skin care products and what the official name of her company is or her followers will feel she is scamming them.
    • Bree
      9:38 pm, June 23, 2017
      She did in the April blog post.
    • Vivian stegall
      9:56 am, July 12, 2017
      Joanna. Clesy

      Joanna did clearly empathize to us. Not to purchase this product!

      She explained she had no convection with the product.
      WE HAVE TO USE our head and make the right revision

      Reminds me of the countless times Dr Oz told us he didn't endorse a product, yet the public falls for it !
      Good luck to you
  • Ralph D.
    2:34 pm, June 21, 2017
    We totally love what you have done at The Silos. As a retired Naval Officer that spent lots of time at sea, we would abhor "running rust"on our ships. So, my question is when are you going to address all the running rust on the silos themselves?
    • Jocelyn Stevens
      5:27 am, July 17, 2017
      The silos are no longer in use. The aging rust is their ambiance or charm for the entire area in my opinion. I think painting them would be a huge mistake. It is their "antiqueness" that I love. No disrespect sir, but I don't think this area needs to be "ship shape". Maybe JoJo can elaborate. I just discovered this show 3 months ago and have watched most all by now. Wish I had seen the show before leaving Texas to Florida. Would have loved to visit Waco. Looking so forward to season 5.
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