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Magnolia Mugs Available Online

October 27, 2014

These handmade Magnolia Mugs are now available in our online shop! Each one is made by a local designer and features a stamped Magnolia letters logo. Try enjoying your morning cup of coffee or a cup of hot chocolate with an exclusive Magnolia Mug, or purchase one as a gift for a friend.


Our staff loves using these mugs in our offices! I like to keep one near my desk, especially when a case of the Mondays comes along and I need a little bit of extra coffee to keep me going. Happy Monday everyone!



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  • Paula Bascombe
    6:34 pm, July 19, 2017
    Love looking at your show Jo you put your heart into finishing and staging your finished home. I'm always excited to see the end and the joy you bring to the families. Chip is so funny I love the anniversary episode.
  • Nivia Bermudez
    6:35 am, October 16, 2016
    I've been watching you two guys for years. Your the #1 contruction and designing team ever, you both are funny, smart and full of adventures. Thank you for sharing your talents beauty and time with me. Nivia B. Long Beach California. I would like to meet you guys and visited the silos and your kids.
  • Christine Cochran
    7:44 pm, December 8, 2014
    My husband and I watch your show all the is our favorite. We moved down here 3 years ago. We live in Killeen, Texas, which we have retired here. My dream is to someday meet both of you....when our finances get better. My husband was diagnosed with stage 3 colon this year so we are fighting a battle right now.We are Christians, and we have been praying for your business, and your t.v. show. Please let us know if there is any other things that we can pray for, and if there is any prayer request. Your show is very uplifting, and we love to see how you interact with one another. Your show brings much glory to god. thank you! God Bless, Christine Cochran P.S. Joann I absolutely love your decorating style!!!!
  • Andrea Fox
    2:43 pm, November 30, 2014
    My husband and I will be moving to Texas ftom NY as soon as we can sell our house. I started watching HGTV to get some ideas on how to stage our house in NY to sell, and I stumbled upon Fixer Upper one day. I'm so glad I did! You've given me such great ideas about the type of house we want to buy, and how to accessorize it. We've been considering reno vs. turnkey - but I wouldn't trust anyone but you and Chip. (Unfortunately, my honey has his mind set on something closer to the Dallas/ Fort Worth area, and I can't convince him to look in Waco. He doesn't think there are any job opportunities in Waco....) I am so glad to hear that Season 2 will be starting in January. I've been watching reruns of your show several times - I also love your family dynamic, the farmhouse, the animals, and all the love you have for each other and for what you do. I'm getting some great ideas about decorating our new home in Texas.....haha, getting way ahead of myself. I hope we get to meet y'all someday; after all, Waco is oy 91 miles from Dallas..♡♡♡
  • Nanette M. Fitzgerald
    12:21 am, November 17, 2014
    Joanna, I just want to thank you for Fixer Upper. It is so refreshing to watch such a positive show. I greatly admire your outlook on life, your wonderful family dynamics, and your great relationship with your husband Chip. You two are so respectful and loving to each other--not something commonly portrayed on TV these days... Thank you for role modeling what a family should be like. Of course, I also love your style and all the amazing things you accomplish with every project you do.. I am a big fan. I wish I could have your expertise on our own home remodeling project, but we live a long way from Waco, Texas. I look forward to watching many more episodes of Fixer Upper. Sincerely, Nan Fitzgerald (Rapid City, South Dakota)
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