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Magnolia Classroom Makeover

August 19, 2016



A few weeks ago, we partnered with a local magazine, the Wacoan, to give a teacher here in Waco a complete classroom makeover. Locals quickly nominated Ms. Nixon, a math teacher at Tennyson Middle School. Our team came up with a design we hoped would inspire her and her 6th graders for the upcoming school year.

Ms. Nixon is a Baylor grad and has been working at Tennyson for three years. She was so thankful and loved her new classroom. More than anything, she was excited for her kids. That was what mattered to her the most. She knew a fun classroom would make her 6th graders excited about coming to math class.


Not every school district will let you hang shiplap or build window awnings in your room, but everyone can plant a succulent garden in a window, put down an area rug to warm up all of the white, or use interesting containers to keep the room organized.


Our friend, Jimmy Don Holmes, designed this sign special for Ms. Nixon. This was one of her favorite spaces in the whole room.



Thank you so much to all teachers who are gearing up for a new school year. We fully appreciate all of the time and dedication you so freely give to your students. We hope this year is the best one yet! 

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  • Peg
    8:14 am, August 1, 2017
    You are an amazing designer. Your aesthetic choices are so wonderful and really create a sense of warmth and comfort. I suppose that is why you have such a strong following of fans. Coincidentally I am making over my classroom this summer to reflect that farmhouse aesthetic that i see on your show. I want to create that same warm homey feeling in my classroom. A classroomssroom environment really sets the tone for the year. Thank you for sharing your wonderful vision. Mrs. Nixon and her students are really lucky. Looking forward to seeing your upcoming projects! I can't wait to see your diner transformation!!
  • Molly Cannon
    4:33 am, July 24, 2017
    I have a daycare that needs to be more like home. Thank you for this inspiration and come to Louisville , Kentucky. We would love the magnolia group to help us make our space more like home for the children and caregivers !
  • Megan
    8:43 am, July 12, 2017
    Where can I find those cute cube storage containers in the wooden shelf?!?
  • Adrianne Davis
    7:19 pm, July 3, 2017
    I just inherited an old small classroom and I'm starting a new middle school special ed program in Bakersfield , CA. Would like be love-love-love to have you come and decorate !!!
  • Kathleen Varboncoeur
    5:36 pm, July 2, 2017
    Come to Muskegon MI and do my 2nd grade classroom! It's the only place where many of my students feel safe, I've gotten grants for alternative seating choices, and I just need help making a bright, beautiful learning space.
    • Colleen Bowerman
      5:40 pm, July 23, 2017
      Pinterest has a ton of great classroom decoarating ideas- especially for flexible seating.
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