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Want more Fixer Upper specifics?

Here you can find before and after photos, stories, and the heart behind each and every Fixer Upper project from Jo herself. She details her vision, design ideas and unique projects from each and every episode.

Episode 12

The Faceless Bunker

Chip and Jo were excited to tackle “The Faceless Bunker” for their clients, who for the majority of their lives…

Episode 10

The Raggedy Ranch

Chip and Jo’s clients first fell in the love with the property surrounding this home, but weren’t completely sold on…

Episode 09

The Mid-Century Modern Home

Chip and Joanna were excited to tackle this project for their friends, Jill and Josh, who were expecting a baby…

Episode 08

The Shingle Shack

 The “Shingle Shack” was a good size home with a ton of potential, but needed to be updated and revamped.…

Episode 07

The Unstately Manor

The first challenge for Chip and Jo was to find a house their clients would agree on. The couple had…

Episode 06

The Tire Swing House

Built in the 60’s, the Tire Swing House was located in an ideal neighborhood in Woodway, right outside of Waco.…

Episode 05

The Ranch on a Hill

The ‘Ranch on a Hill’ house was built in 1984 and desperately needed some curb appeal. The overgrown boxwoods hid…

Episode 04

The House on the River

Chip and Jo were excited to tackle “The House on the River” for their clients, a newly married blended family…

Episode 03

The Tree House

This 1960’s home seemed unbalanced at best, yet sat on the perfect lot in a great neighborhood, which the clients…

Episode 02

The Dutch Door House

Chip and Jo’s clients first fell in love with the Dutch front door on this cute and quaint 1940’s house.…

Episode 01

The Little House on the Prairie

Chip and Joanna were thrilled to work with their favorite local coffee shop owners for this home. The clients’ coffee…


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