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Fixer Upper Season 1 Q&A

July 14, 2014

Questions and Answers!

Wow! It’s hard to believe the last episode of season one aired last week. That went by so fast! We are currently filming season two in the hot Texas heat and I am counting down the days ‘til the cooler weather arrives (84ish days). You all have been so supportive and encouraging and this inspires me even more for these next 13 homes. Thank you for reaching out and sending the love! I am excited to incorporate fresh and unique design in the episodes we are currently working on and am excited to share them with you in the future!

I want to be a resource when you come to my website. I want you to be able to study the pictures and content and determine what you like and don’t like so that it will help define your style for your own home. You have asked some amazing questions and I wanted to sit down today and answer the most asked questions during Season One.

Design Questions:

“What do you call your design style?”

I call it a few things- Simple and Classic. Farm inspired. Industrial. Unexpected.

“Are there any design styles you don’t like to incorporate?”

At the end of the day, I work for my client. My job isn’t to push my style on them, it is to pull their style out and make it all come together. I like the challenge of any and all design styles.

“What are your favorite paint colors?”

I hesitate to name the colors based on the episode and pictures because paint is tricky and it looks very different in pictures and onscreen than it does in real life. However, some of my favorite shades and tones of Season One were in the gray family. Many of my clients didn’t want beige and asked for light and airy spaces. I use several different brands of paint and don’t necessarily have a favorite. Some colors I used last season were Silver Strand (light blue gray), Mindful gray, Oyster Pearl, Passive Gray, and Intellectual Gray. I also like soft greens and richer blue tones. A good clean white is nice for trim because it makes the wall color pop. I use oil based paint on all my cabinets and trim so it is easy to clean. I always like to get samples and put them up on the wall before I determine what color to go with. I carefully study the tones that are in each color based on the amount of natural light and lighting I have in the room.

“What is your favorite paint sheen?”

Egg shell

“What stain do you use on your beams and porch posts?”

If I like the color of the natural wood, I seal it with a clear coat (Like my farmhouse’s exterior posts and doors). If I want to give it a richer look, I stain it a dark walnut.

“What is your take on concrete countertops?”

First of all, make sure a professional does them for you. I like the natural gray in the concrete so I don’t add a stain to mine. I seal the surface several times during the year. Concrete countertops are simple yet make a bold statement. As one of my clients put it, “concrete countertops are perfectly imperfect.” I have them at the farmhouse and there are water marks and rings that show up and then go away over time. I personally like the character, but I understand it’s not for everyone.

“What is your take on Carrera marble?”

Carrera Marble has a bad rap and many people like to call this surface high maintenance. It is not as tough as granite because marble is a softer stone, however when it is sealed with a protector (ask your installer for more details) they hold up well. Yes, there are watermarks every now and then and scratches will show up, but you only notice this when you are looking for it. When I am going for a timeless look and the client asks for it, I choose marble because it offers a fresh simplistic style that many clients want.

“What’s your favorite backsplash?

I liked subway tile ten years ago and I will like it for years to come. When I am designing these older homes I think about products that have stood the test of time because I am not a trendy person. Subway tile offers a classic timeless look in many of the older homes we renovate. When I want to add a little more character to the subway tile, I use a natural gray grout to help define the space.

Show Questions:

“How can I get on Fixer Upper?”

If you live in the Waco area and are looking to buy a home that needs renovations, contact Tina at

“Where can I watch the Fixer Upper Episodes?”

Amazon Prime and iTunes

“What happens to the rest of the rooms in the house you don’t see on television?”

At times, we only work on rooms that are of priority to our clients and that work within their budget. Some homeowners want to finish off their other rooms on their own since it is mainly cosmetic (paint and carpet). Other times, we finish the spaces for them after the reveal and this is separate from the budget shown for TV. We help them finish their renovation even when the cameras aren’t rolling. It all depends on budget and our clients priorities for their home renovation.

“Where do you get all the furniture and accessories you decorate these homes with?”

Many of the products I use come directly from Magnolia Market, my boutique located in Waco, TX. I use a lot of my faux florals, vases, and architectural pieces (you can find many of these items in my online store here). I like to incorporate pieces that the homeowner already has when I can. In a few cases for season one, the clients were in need of all new furnishings. One of the things that is hard for many homeowners is furniture placement and figuring out how to maximize their space. This is one of the main reasons I enjoy decorating these homes for the big reveal; I want to offer pretty and practical ideas for my client. Most of the items that are not theirs to begin with, are available to the client at the end of the project.

“Are the numbers listed on the show real?”

Yes, the house price is real, the budget is real and the clients are real. As Chip likes to say, “This is a real business, doing real projects, for real clients.”

“How did you get your own show on HGTV?”

Our production company saw a pictures (taken by Molly Winn) of one of our flip homes that was being featured on a popular blog, They contacted us through our website and the rest is history!

“When does Season 2 air?”

Season 2 starts next January!

Business Questions:

“What all does Magnolia do?”

Magnolia Realty- Our real estate company which helps clients buy and sell homes in the Central Texas area.

Magnolia Market– My retail store (online and storefront).

Magnolia Homes– We design, flip, build and renovate homes for our customers. We also have Magnolia Villas which is a gated community located in the heart of Waco for individuals looking to downsize. These adorable Magnolia style homes are available for purchase.

“Does Magnolia Homes travel outside of Waco, TX to renovate homes?”

As much as we wish we could, we can’t right now. With our family, current businesses, and the show we are only available to work in Waco. One day we would love to venture out but for now we are focusing on the opportunities on a local level.

“Does Magnolia offer online design services and consultations?

We are working on this being a possibility in our business and are excited about the opportunity in the future. We are currently filming for season two and are focusing on our business and our show right now here locally.

“Will there be a Magnolia in other cities?”

One day possibly. I would love to branch out the retail store and our real estate company.

Personal Questions:

“What is your ethnicity?”

I love hearing all the guesses- Although I did play Pocahontas in high school, I am not Native American. My father is half Lebanese/half German and my mother is full Korean.

“What kind of blush, lipstick, and nail polish do you wear?”

Haha, I never thought I would be answering questions like this but this is fun!

  • Blush- Lancôme “Mocha Havana”
  • Lipstick- Mac’s “Fresh Brew”
  • Nail polish- OPI’s “You don’t know Jacques”, Essie’s “meet me at sunset, Essie’s “overboard”

“Where is your jewelry from?”

A lot of the jewelry I wear on camera will be available at Magnolia Market at the end of August! I like to wear Raven and Lily (available in my shop in August), Kendra ScottSummer Ellis, and a lot of vintage jewelry. I have a leather cuff line that will be available in my shop soon too!

“Will you adopt me?”

This one makes me laugh every time! Y’all are hilarious.

“How do you do everything with filming, four kids, and a business?”

Short answer is I don’t. Do I fail and make mistakes? Every day. I have an amazing husband, a wonderful support system and a strong faith that God would not have brought me this opportunity without giving me the strength and grace to fulfill it.

“How do you work with each other as a couple?”

We both know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and we try not to cross those boundaries. I really feel it is important for a couple to encourage each other in their strengths rather than always highlight their weaknesses. Respect is key. Do we ever argue? Heck yeah we do. We are polar opposites. One thing we try and do every week is have a date night no matter how busy we get. This is always good for us to get back to center and define what our purpose and goals are as a couple. Chip is also hard not to love. He is hilarious and makes me laugh even when he decides to surprise me with yet another farm animal!

I hope this answers some of your questions! I wish I could sit down with each of you over a cup of coffee! Thank you again for all the support and we are looking forward to season 2!


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  • Penny Leibold
    12:41 am, August 18, 2017
    Hello to my favorite design family,
    I finally began seeing your show in reruns. It has inspired me to purchase a home that is over 100 years old. It was based on Season 1 Episode 4. I couldn't find a craftsman style home, but I found a beautiful brick brown bungalow. I am in closing now choosing paint colors. I love your designs & only wish you could come here to the Midwest to guide me through the process. I love seeing your kiddos grow. Great show & wishing you all well on your future seasons. I can't wait to get into my home, just wish you could all guide me thru the painting process? I love your show, your all amazing. I love it...
  • Kimberly Nerf
    9:14 pm, August 8, 2017
    My husband and I watch this show live for one another, your family, your clients is so inspiring. You bring smiles to our faces all the time and pain in our bellies from laughing so hard MOST of the time. Love the show, love your ideas. You're truly gifted.
  • Diane M Smith
    3:34 pm, August 3, 2017
    Hi Joanna, I love your show!! I had a quick question about shiplap. We are planning to do an accent wall with shiplap ( painted white) on either side of our brick fireplace, and trim in our house is maple. Would you recommend painting the rest of the room white, or leaving the white shiplap as an accent wall and painting the other walls a light grey. We have dark grey fabric furniture. Thanks so much, you are such an inspiration!!
  • Ruth
    10:04 pm, July 29, 2017
    In the "Fixer Upper" homes is the wood flooring always hardwood? Or do you ever use Laminate or Luxury Vinyl Tile?
  • Daphiny
    3:57 pm, July 16, 2017
    I love FIXER UPPER and you two are a hoot.. I would LOVE to see y'all revisit your homes.. Updates about the home the family etc I would love to see how y'all changed folks lives for the better babies and all.... Thx Daph
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