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Finding Your Design Style

July 29, 2014

One of the reasons why I love what I do so much is because I love helping people create their homes, letting their design style and preferences shine through the finished product. The one thing I say over and over is your home is a reflection of your heart, not someone else’s. I believe home should be a place where you are inspired, a place where you come alive, and a place you enjoy with your significant others and loved ones. Finding your design style starts with you; Not your neighbor, your best friend, or the beautiful magazine on your coffee table. It starts with what’s inside you. Here are a few steps to get you started.

  • Get to a place of contentment first before you move forward, or you’ll never be happy with your home. Agree to embrace where you live, no matter what it looks like or how many projects you’ve got to tackle.
  • Embrace your season of life. Let your home be a place where you thrive. For example, if you are an empty nester, let the atmosphere of your home allow you to move emotionally forward so you don’t feel stuck in the past. Or if you are a mother with young children, let your home be a place where your children thrive. Let them make messes. Let them be inspired.
  • Clear to clutter. Get rid of unnecessary stuff and let your rooms breath. Quit holding on to so many things, when you clear the rooms it allows you to think beyond the space and this is where creativity flows. Don’t let all your stuff stifle you.

Start with these basics and you will start laying the foundation of design for your home. The more unique the better because you are one a kind and your home should be too! I’d love to hear about the stage of life you are in and how you are embracing the amazing beautiful gift of home.



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  • Alexis
    12:28 pm, July 7, 2017
    From your lips to my ears! While we hope to own our own home soon, my family seems to be growing out of our apartment much quicker than either I or my husband can keep up with. But with the reality of knowing that buying our dream home will take another 2 years, we've decided to fall in love again with our current home and try to find new ways of making it work for us. Big City Living isn't actually so big! And before I could doubt myself and change my mind, I happened to read this today and feel renewed. Looking forward to it!
  • Nikki
    10:41 am, June 23, 2017
    Thank you so much, I really needed to hear this. I'm feeling overwhelmed with our new Fixer Upper, but I just need to slow down and take a breath.
  • Cindy
    7:34 pm, February 11, 2017
    Do you travel to other areas to help others decorate their homes
  • From Nebraska
    2:25 pm, January 4, 2017
    Sounds great! God certainly blessed you with creativity and decision making!!! I will humbly admit, I lack both and know those are not my gifts. I love de-cluttering and donating (when somethings missing - my kids and husband are quick to ask if I donated it - lol). However, I am completely paralyzed when it comes to decorating. No joke, even though my sister thinks it is funny! The thing is my husband and I can do almost anything handy in the home (aka - The Type A people that will figure things out on our own) and I love to try my hand at a Pinterest project (that is after I have deliberated it for 3 months - once again not joking, but it is funny). ... I just need to be almost told the "exact steps" to achieve a traditional midwestern home with a rustic feel or a "Gaines" style. ... any ideas on how to do that? ... Let's just say I have bought 2 front door rugs in 13 years of marriage (lol. I guess I get my money's worth.) and have probably brought home 10 or more to "try" out to see what they look like ... currently I have the smallest make-shift rug at the front door that couldn't even hold our families shoes if I tried. ... hope the snow doesn't come too soon! ... Just looking for a continuation of this article, that is after you know what "style" you would like to achieve. ... Thanks for any help or advice you can offer!
  • Angie A.
    10:53 pm, October 16, 2016
    Hi Joanna, I very much enjoyed your blog and appreciate your words of wisdom. One thing you said struck a chord with me and that was finding contentment. The more content I become, the more I appreciate our little home and the more I enjoy decorating it. God's blessings are rich as evidenced through you and Chip. Thanks for your encouragement and advice!
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