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DIY: Easter Egg Planter

March 5, 2015
With springtime just around the corner and the good news of Easter quickly approaching, these playful clay egg planters will add a fun touch of whimsy to your home and get you and your family in the Easter spirit!
You can simply plant some wheat grass seeds inside these cute planters and watch them grow, or replant already blooming flowers for an instant splash of color.
What you’ll need:
-Air drying clay
-Rolling pin
-Large plastic egg
-White spray paint (optional)
-Sand paper
-Plastic bag (to line bottom of planter)
Grab your large plastic egg and open in half.

Roll out enough air drying clay to cover half the egg.


Cover underside of egg as shown.


Dip your fingertips in water and smooth out any uneven areas.
Gently remove shell from the clay.
– With a sharp blade, cut various pointed edges to resemble a broken shell.
– Allow clay to dry, making sure you turn it over so it dries thoroughly.
– Once clay is dry (approx. 48 hrs) take some fine sandpaper and smooth out any roughness.
– Optional: Spray paint egg with white spray paint; allow to dry.
– Line bottom of planter with plastic bag.
– Place approx. 5cm of sand in the bottom, followed by some soil and plant desired greenery.
These types of crafts are easy and ideal for doing with your kiddos. You can make various shapes and sizes with the clay, and allow the kids to paint them fun colors and patterns after it has dried! Start the process Friday after school and by Sunday afternoon your clay will be dry and you’ll be able to give a little lesson over planting seeds, seeds taking root and the importance of watering and caring for them. Enjoy your crafting day and these sweet moments with your kiddos.


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  • MaryJo Palady
    10:04 am, March 5, 2015
    I planted wheat grass in mine, can hardly wait for it to grow!
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