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DIY Boot Tray

January 29, 2015
Whether you live on a farm in the suburbs or a cosmopolitan city…contend with snow in the north, or rain in the south…you have more than likely experienced muddy footprints in your front entrance at one time or another. This is especially true if you have young kiddos at home, so in keeping with our clean and simple theme for this year, this rustic shoe/boot tray is not only a practical solution, but a cute way to keep the drips off your floor. It’s easy to assemble and makes for a quick weekend DIY.
You may have noticed how we incorporate rustic and industrial elements into our design of the homes in Fixer Upper, like this shelf:
… and most recently this bunk room:

What you’ll need:

-1″x4″ pine planks (serve as the sides)
-14″x 36″ pine board (serve as the bottom)
-OR skip the wood assembly altogether by using an old dresser drawer
-4 – Swivel casters (we used heavy duty iron)
-2  – 1/2 ” galvanized iron flange (handle)
-2  – 1/2″ fitting 90 degree galvanized elbow (handle)
-1  – 1/2″x4″ galvanize pipe (handle)
-Nail gun
-Wood screws
-Wood glue
-Wood Stain (we used Minwax Special Walnut)


1. Cut the 1″x4″ pine planks into 4 pieces – 2 x 38″ and 2 x 16″; angle each piece to 45 degrees.
2. Apply wood glue along the bottom of the pine planks and adhere to the pine board; hold in place and secure with a nail gun.
3. Assemble handle by screwing fitting elbow into flange (x2) and join together using galvanized pipe. Place in desired location and pre-drill holes for handle.
4. Turn tray over and pre-drill holes for casters.
5. Stain box following wood finish manufacture’s instructions. Add a second coat if desired.
6. Using wood screws, attach handle and casters.
7. If you’re using an old dresser drawer, skip steps 1 and 2 and head straight to step 3 (attaching handles.)

This doesn’t have to be an expensive project as you could even use some old reclaimed wood to make this tray, bringing a little history and nostalgia into your home. It is after all those little things that tell a story that make a house a home.

And There you have it! A perfect mix of industrial and farmhouse flare. You can enlist your sweet husband or friends to help if needed, but I have full faith in y’all to tackle this one on your own this weekend! It really does feel great when you’ve finished this tray. Not only is it useful, but it is just as cute as it is practical. Enjoy!

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