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The room with a view

When we first bought the farmhouse, this room was the master bedroom. It was my favorite room in the house because it had the prettiest view of the oak trees in the backyard. When we moved into the farmhouse I…

Farmhouse bath renovation

When we bought the farmhouse, I was really specific about utilizing every square foot we could possibly use. The house had 1700 sq ft to start with and then unfinished attic space. We wanted to convert the attic to livable…

Farmhouse update

We are getting a lot of things done this week at the farmhouse because I am trying to finish this thing soon so we can focus on the 12 renovations we are doing for the show. All that being said,…

Farmhouse Update

I would say we are less than two months out. Hopefully one month! Now that all the hard stuff is done, it’s time to put this puzzle back together. The interior doors and trim will be finished this week and…

Farmhouse Update

A lot happened last week and I can finally see the light. All the walls are being put back up and the house is starting to really come together. Paint! I wanted my house white because I really want this…

Farmhouse Update

Finally. The insulation has been blown in the walls. On the upstairs we decided to do foam insulation. The good news is once we finish insulation, we get to start putting all the pieces back together and this is the…

Farm life

We have a few more months until we move into the farmhouse, my goal is to be out there before the fall season. When we finish work every day, we pack up the kiddos and head to the farm. There…

Farmhouse Update

Well it has been a while since the last update, but we are moving right along! I would say we still have a few more months before we are in so I am trying to contain myself!  It honestly looks…

Farmhouse progress: Brick Ledge

The brick ledge is coming together. Chip found this amazing antique brick that couldn’t have matched the existing brick any better. The original brick was set before the 1900’s so we “dirtied” up the mortar so it looked antique as…

Farmhouse Progress

The front doors are in and all the siding is up! Next thing is the metal roof and then the exterior will be almost finished. Finding a brick to match the original brick on the house has been a challenge….


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