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Chip as a Dad


  If you walk into my house and hear my kids squealing, it is most likely that Chip has started a round of “tickle torture” with the kids. When Chip and I were dating, I used to wonder what he…

June Magnolia Makeover

new june simple feature photo

You know how much chip loves demo day? Well, that’s about how much I love the decorating side of renovations. So, I thought I’d host a giveaway that would let me kind of get outside the box, and bring a…

My Little Reader


  It’s not out of the ordinary for my oldest daughter, Ella, to go missing around the house. My other three will be outside playing this or that and Ella is nowhere to be found. When I call the kids…

Paint Stories Volume 4: Bold Colors


I’m typically put in a box as someone who only loves shades of white and gray. And though it’s true, I typically gravitate toward neutrals, I can also appreciate bold shades that make more of a statement and really change…

Barn Raising


  As you might have seen, we had ourselves a little barn raising on the Silos grounds a few weeks back. We’re getting close to our first summer at the silos, and the weather is already heating up. Without a…

The Chalkboard Crate 8 Ways


  When I opened Magnolia Market in 2003, I wanted to offer Waco, Texas something different than the few home decor chains that dotted our city. I wanted to give them ideas and inspiration just as much as I wanted…

My Garden Fresh Favorites | 3 Tomato Recipes


  I’ve said it a million times—when I started my garden a few years ago, I managed to kill more plants than I’m proud of admitting to. But tomatoes were always a staple that I managed to keep alive. And…

Paint Stories Volume 3: Perfect Grays


  There really is nothing better than a perfect gray—the soft neutral that you can paint your entire house with and never get sick of. In this “paint stories” blog, I want to share with you the perfect grays from…

Grass Stains and a Grateful Heart


  Seeing your son knock a pitch clear across a baseball diamond is what I imagine watching your favorite major league player hit one out of the park in a world series game feels like. When he makes it on…

Season 4 Filming Update


  Why is Chip climbing up on the silos? I honestly can’t remember and it doesn’t really look like I was planning to catch him if he fell. One thing I can definitely guarantee about Season 4, is there will…


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