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Acts of Kindness Hearts

February 9, 2015

Valentine’s Day is about hearts, love, flowers and if you have a sweet tooth, chocolate. It’s not only a fun holiday to enjoy, but can provide a perfect opportunity to teach your little ones the beauty of showing love, kindness and appreciation. Not only on this day, but year round.

Naturally, we tend to celebrate love with immediate friends and family. But what about shining a little light to those outside your immediate circle? Random acts of kindness are a great way to teach your little ones about compassion and kindness. Whether you show them how to hold the door for someone, or help them bake cookies to bring to a neighbor…just because, or have them witness you pay it forward and pick up the bill for someone’s dinner. Children learn by watching you, and it’s those small acts that begin to instill a tender heart in them.

What you’ll need:
-Polymer clay scraps
-Heart shaped cookie cutter
-Paper and pen to write notes (optional)


Knead clay, roll out and cut out little heart shapes.
Mix as many color combinations as you wish and bake according to package instructions. Allow to cool in oven.
OPTIONAL: If your child is old enough to write, have them write a message on a piece of paper, which you can then glue the clay heart to.

Leave these cute little hearts on people’s doorsteps, mailboxes , windshields etc. Children are genuine and take pleasure in making us smile, so this activity is not only a great way to help your child bring a smile to someone’s face, but it also teaches them that in life, it’s the small things that often mean the most.

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  • al
    3:03 pm, February 14, 2015
    God is in this !
  • Sandy
    12:55 pm, February 11, 2015
    My little guy will love doing this! Thanks!
  • Shirley Raymo
    7:00 am, February 11, 2015
    I love this idea! Your children must love spending time creating all the wonderful projects that you share with us. Just looking at the photo above with the hand written notes has blessed my day! A simple act of kindness goes a lot further than we could ever imagine!
  • angie
    3:17 pm, February 9, 2015
    such a cute idea to spread joy to others... thanks for sharing!
  • teresa
    2:53 pm, February 9, 2015
    What a sweet little way to spread "Happy" I'm always looking for little way to bring joy into someones life....Thanks for sharing. I will be pinning this.
    Happy Day
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