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Industrial Farm Style or something like that...

September 28, 2013
Ten years ago Chip and I were taking a road trip to New Mexico to be a part of my sister’s surprise engagement. My Magnolia boutique was up and running and I distinctly remember trying to figure out what my specific design style was. My first year of business was a trial and error on design and decorating. Since I had never cared about decorating before and I didn’t have an ounce of knowledge about design, I was searching everywhere for a look that settled well in my gut.
I found what I was looking for when Chip and I stopped in a small town on our way to the mountains of New Mexico. I saw farmland and silos- the lush green fields combined with the industrial galvanized cylinders, and chippy white paint spoke to me. From that point forward, everything I did from a design aspect was inspired from that picture in my mind..
Yesterday I went to the farmhouse to check things out and I remembered the picture of the large silos that I saw ten years ago. I had this overwhelming feeling about how I felt known by God. Even when the house was all tore up and in pieces, I  never could explain my love for the farmhouse or how it settled well in my heart and my gut. The house and land didn’t come easy and it has been an interesting year and a half of putting it back together. We are three weeks out now and I couldn’t feel more grateful about this place I am about to get to call home. It all comes full circle for me and I know God had a major part in all this.
He knows the details of our hearts and wants to show all of us He knows us, He gets us, and He delights in us. Every time I check on the farmhouse I get this feeling and it far surpasses my excitement about the white walls and concrete counter tops that are coming together. It’s knowing that He designed all of us with certain giftings and talents and when we let Him into our world, He will far exceed our expectations!


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  • Shannon Jones
    10:37 pm, August 20, 2017
    When y'all renovate all the homes, do you donate the old stuff you take out?
  • Tracie Turner
    6:48 pm, January 6, 2017
    I absolutely love the industrial/black metal stairs y'all have used on the show. Where can I find these?
  • Kay
    8:26 pm, December 1, 2016
    Watched your show for the first time with my newly married daughter. I kept waiting for the "couple conflict" but it never occurred...only love and trust and true delight in the presence of each other! So refreshing to finally see a married couple that exemplifies a good relationship as God intended.
  • Linda V
    10:52 am, September 28, 2015
    Chip & Johanna, from the minute I saw your show I felt a connection with you that overwhelmed me. After much thought, I discovered that it was the attraction to "the simple life". For years I've been told I was born in the wrong era or that I was an old soul. I know now I'm more in touch with the simple things in life; being surrounded by family & friends, the beauty of the great outdoors, and just being still some times. Today, life is so hectic & fast pace; I yearn for the days of childhood when I would lay in the grass & looking up at the trees & clouds trying to guess what they looked like. I’m now working on my plan to take a road trip to come see your new place at the silos. I wish you all the best in your journey & may God continue to speak to you, so you can continue to inspire people to enjoy the “Simple Life”.
  • dawn & rick
    4:35 pm, June 29, 2015
    My husband and I just bought a beautiful 3 acre plot of virgin land in historic Punta Gorda, Florida and could not be more delighted with the prospect of making this never-before-touched piece of God's country into our home! There are so many people, places and things in life that one can draw inspiration...a seemingly simple television show, stumbled upon one evening while channel surfing, has given me so much more inspiration not only for ideas on how to give our new farm house "character" and to become a place that warms our hearts and melts away the stresses of the day but also the inspiration to become closer with the love of my husband. Seeing the love, respect and friendship your family so openly displays is almost tangible even through a television screen and is most certainly your most precious talent. God bless you Gaines' family!
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