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Moss Wreath Giveaway! *Winner Selected*

June 14, 2013

You’ve seen them on Pinterest and in magazines… Moss wreaths are a simple DIY project that you can do at home for less than $20. These wreaths add a fresh touch to any space and make a simple, clean statement.

I’ve got good news and good news… Today I am going to show you step by step how to make one of these AND I am going to be giving it away! Simply comment on this post and tell me what content you would like to see more of on my blog. I want to hear from you! The winner will be randomly selected by random.org.


Supply List:

2 bags of reindeer moss

hot glue gun and three glue sticks

foam wreath ring

Ribbon (got this great ribbon and foam ring at Wolfe Florist)


Hot glue the inside of the ring first in small sections


Press the moss in the glued area. Try not to burn yourself… I did twice.


Move to the front and then the sides


I did not do the back because I ran out of moss, I don’t think it’s necessary to do


Without the ribbon, this wreath would make a cute centerpiece. Add fruit to the center (or tomatoes bc that is all I had)


You can do a bow or just a simple strand. I hot glued the ends of the ribbon together.


And here is the finished product!


You could also add some birdies to the wreath. These are concrete birds I sell for $6.


Little cuties.

This wreath is easy to put togehter and makes a great gift, or simple everyday decor, or even use a different color ribbon and call it a holiday wreath!

Don’t forget if you want a chance to win this, post a comment!


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  • Jeannie Carter
    1:52 am, January 6, 2018
    I did a lot of moss items on my Christmas tree and wanted to make a moss wreath for spring. This was very helpful. I love you show! You have great Design!
  • Maria Carpenter
    9:37 am, April 25, 2017
    do you still sell these precious little birds? I couldn't find them on the market website. Thanks!
  • Jeannie Cox
    4:26 pm, April 12, 2017
    Love the wreath so much. Need it in my new home.
  • Deb
    4:22 pm, December 3, 2016
    Joanna love your style so much! I always joke when I win the lottery I'm going to hire you and chip. Bring you both, the kids, and the goats here to make my house! Hahaha. Classic beautiful comfortable!
  • Wendy Gregg
    4:04 am, November 21, 2016
    Joanna , I want to come back as you. You have the best taste of any decorator on the planet. My 22 acres of woods in Ontario has s ton of moss . This will be my wreath this year .
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