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May 29, 2013

You are going to think I staged this picture but sadly I did not. This last week I have gotten many people asking me the question, “How do you do it with four kids and everything else going on?”. Well today I am going to answer that question. Since we are waiting on the farmhouse to be finished, we are in a space that is not our own and 95% of our belongings are boxed up and put away. This has made life interesting to say the least.

As a working mom, I battle with that internal struggle of finding balance with work, my kids, and my husband. When my office was up at the shop, I was gone from home a lot and my kiddos missed their mama. I decided last year to bring my office home so I could stay with them and not be gone as much. The only spot to put my temporary office was in the playroom of the house we are staying in. I actually have professional meetings in this space and I am sure most people who come in here worry about me. “Uh, Sir don’t trip over the slide, and please don’t sit on the doll, but please take a seat.”

My life is not really balanced these days- but as a friend put it, it’s a blend. A blend of design meetings, phone calls, emails, estimates, pbj sandwiches, managing subs, laundry, accounting, blogging, playing hide and go seek, etc. None of these things ever fit in this perfect timeline or schedule. It is very unpredictable. When I wake up, it all just rolls into place and I deal with things as they come. When my kids are with me, I try and focus on them first- but they also understand that if I take a call, it’s part of mommy’s life at home.

On this desk there are thank you notes I was supposed to write in April (sorry friends), and two brand new calendars. I am the type of person that thinks if I get a cute calendar, it will motivate me to structure my day. The only problem is I actually have to take the plastic off and write on them.

I would show you a picture of my laundry room and fridge, but I don’t want to stress my mom out. Right now I am in a busy season and I want to do my best with everything I am holding. Sure I am tired. I don’t cook many dinners, and I forget laundry is a mandatory routine because I can’t do it all and my precious family has learned to adjust in this season. All this to say, from pictures and posts it may seem like I am juggling life very well, but I am dropping balls as fast as I am catching them.

No matter where you are at, take life season by season, and laugh at your messes and mishaps. Be okay with where you are, and when you feel the tilt is heavy on one side, lean towards grace and this will help you through.


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  • Stacy
    6:44 pm, March 6, 2017
    Thank you Joanna. I have the New Years resolution to finish all the projects I started. This has meant a messy house and lots of pancakes for breakfast. I love how you said life is a blend of many things. Made me feel a lot better about everything.
  • Kirene Gilder
    6:02 pm, July 13, 2015
    This is just so amazing in the most beautiful way! Thanks with me having 5 kiddos it just feels relieving to know I'm not alone in this reality called life!! ;)

    Blessings, Ki
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