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Farmhouse Video: The downstairs details

May 27, 2013

I wouldn’t advise anyone who is doing an extensive remodel to just wing it without a proper set of plans. However, somehow I thought drawing on the walls and pointing in the vicinity was going to be explanatory to my subs. Perhaps this is why our farmhouse has taken a little longer than expected. My sweet subs have been more than gracious through all my changes and mishaps!



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  • Russell G. Namie
    7:48 pm, March 25, 2017
    Your show is the BEST on HGTV. We are interested in your opinion of refacing kitchen cabinets using thermofoil. We have oak now which is in very good condition, but dated. My wife wants to brighten things up by going to white. Thanks in advance. RgN
  • Chris calabrese
    2:47 pm, May 19, 2014
    Hi Joanna I've been watching your programs on HDTV and I love the way that you have remodeled homes I recently purchased an older house that's two-story and I was wondering if you could give me the color of the French farmhouse exterior color on looks like an ivory with the French blue shutters I would like to use that same color on my house thank you
    Have not started it yet am trying to get ideas like the ones that you use
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